Installing ROCK on a NUC

I have it running on a under powered QNAP 215 NAS at present and i think it is great .I purchased a second hand NUC 6i5 but am returning it black screen of doom.Been sold a duff one.I cant wait to get the replacement up and running.Should be even better than my NAS

@stephen_colman, I have a NUC on which I installed a ROCK.
But eventually, formatted it to run Windows 10.
On it, I installed Roon Server + Roon (as control app).

I found the ROCK added no benefit to my modest library (about 10000 albums).
I also like that when adding a song or album to Roon on Windows, the update is instant (and on ROCK you have to manually rescan).

The Roon Server is running as service.
The Roon control app may be heavy sometimes; this way, when you close it, you do not stop music playing around the house.

That’s not true. It may well be your NAS is causing the issue.

I had my setup with a direct USB drive connected to NUC.
But let me rephrase: rescan was not instant. But it was automatic when reached the threshold (its value I do not remember)

Interesting - it’s instant on my NUC - but then I have my music on an internal drive.

In regards to scanning for content, usb and internal sata are identical.

@Iftach_Landau The simple question is, if you had the choice between ROCK (free) and paying for a Windows 10 licence, would you pay for the licence?