Integer Mode Indication

Okay, been using roon for three days now and I am committed! Would it be possible to add indication that integer mode is active? Also, I am a little unclear about the purple/green/amber light thing. Can this be more clear? A clear gradation of playback quality would be nice. Thanks.

I understand that integer mode refers to one of the different algorithms for DSD to PCM conversion and that these use different CPU resources. Do you find these algorithms make a difference to SQ ? What advantages are there to the more CPU intensive algorithms ?

The following link describes what is going on in integer mode. It is something I used with my Bel Canto DAC and Audirvana. Yes, I do notice a SQ improvement when streaming off my MBPro. It is ultimately a more direct path from source material to the DAC. Hope this helps. There is much discussion online about this.

+1 on the SQ improvement derived from using integer mode. It’s not a monumental improvement, but in my system, it definitely seems to make a positive difference.

Thanks Tinker, very interesting read.

I had some further questions but after reading this thread I can see that “integer mode” is an optimisation that can be selected in the Zone gearbox when Roon is running under OSX and a compatible DAC is being used.

“Integer Mode” appears to be an optimisation that affects all playback and is not limited to DSD/PCM conversion, which is the only place us Windows plebs see reference to integers etc.

Cheers !