Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

Thank you for the welcome.

However, your search proved to be what I thought it would…not helpful.

Thus I was simply putting my hat in on a recommendation, should the technology change.

Again thank you.

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I think he was referring to the existing request for this (which search should have brought up for you):

And yes, it says high res, but lets not get picky.

Hi @paul_adams1,

I’ve merged you post into this topic, as you’ll there’s been a lot of discussion on this,

I did do the search and saw that.

Any news?

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Any word on Amazon integration? The only way I would subscribe to Amazon is through Roon integration.

Nothing as of now. As noted highly unlikely to ever happen.

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More likely than Apple Music and Spotify, since their exists 3rd party integrations already with Amazon Music UHD (like Blusound’s BluOS, Denon HEOS)

But still unlikely because it actually needs input from Amazon, not just their very basic api

I would think out of all the music services , Amazon would be the most willing to integrate with Roon. Their apps are terrible .

Roon isn’t even a mote in Amazon’s eye.

Amazon Music exists to promote sales of Amazon audio equipment - that’s where the money is.

Amazon seems very happy to integrate with hardware vendors whose products they can sell e.g. Wiim Home devices. Perhaps Roon should look at selling their subscriptions through Amazon? Or maybe better not!

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+1 Here. Amazon’s HD Music has a collection that is vastly larger than Qobuz and Tidal combined. It would be nice to see more diversity in streaming platforms that Roon supports.

Any word on whether this is on the radar for inclusion into Roon?

It entirely depends on Amazon’s willingness to cooperate, and as far as anyone can tell, they don’t seem to be very eager.

-1, Amazon’s music catalog has no integrity - play an album and you get a mix of different mastering of tracks, always the highest resolution version of any given track. Much better using Qobuz, or even Tidal if you don’t mind lossy.

@Patrick_Conroy - Would you please supply the documentation/reference to the statement that Amazon uses, as you put it, “…a mix of different mastering of tracks…” ? Especially in comparison to Qobuz? Are you saying that the same album on Qobuz is mastered differently? Please elaborate on that as it’s quite the statement against Amazon’s music quality. I assume you’re talking about their HD Music offering. Really like to see some evidence to what you’re talking about.

Two examples

  1. Dire Straits 1978 debut album - if you play this album on Amazon, tracks 1 (Down to the Waterline) and 6 (Sultans of Swing) are 192/24 while the rest of the album is Redbook (44/16). These two tracks to me sound like they are from the 2022 remastered version of the Money For Nothing compilation album. Personally, I prefer the sound of the original versions. On Qobuz you get original Redbook versions of these tracks. I no longer subscribe to Tidal, but I believe they had the correct versions as well.

  2. Steely Dan’s "A Decade of Steely Dan’ - tracks 3 (Babylon Sisters) and 6 (Hey Nineteen) are 96/24 while the rest of the album is 44/16. As these two tracks are from the Gaucho album, which was rereleased in 96/24 one must assume the files were pulled from that album. Again, Qobuz has the correct original Redbook versions.

I know some people may think I am picking nits here, which I may be, but when other streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz can get it right I see no need for one that doesn’t appear to care about details.

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I’m not sure about that. Some albums I bought from Qobuz have tracks with different copyright in the metadata. I think the format is the same for all, but it’s still suspicious.

I’ve seen similar things where some songs are mastered or even remastered differently. One that comes to mind is Depeche Mode’s Construction Time Again (Open Qobuz) on Qobuz. The first 10 tracks are remasters and the rest are thrown in.

I’ve also had significant streaming quality issues on Amazon’s HD Music when in the car. I’ve set their quality to stream as the highest possible yet one album consistently sounds terrible in the car and great at home (Depeche Mode’s Live in Berlin). Can’t figure out the rhyme or reason their streaming service seems to sound like mp3 128 bit (yes, it’s that bad sometimes). I can listen to the same song in the car using Tidal and it sounds great.

So I agree with you but I can’t seem to quantify what’s going on with Amazon’s service. At home the service sounds comparable to Tidal, but in the car not so much. Perhaps their streaming algorithm is just substandard when compared to Tidal’s (and Qobuz’s as well).

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I do feel it’s germane.