Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

As it is we are insanely spoiled by the current price of streaming. I have approx 3600 albums added to Roon from Qobuz. Lets say I replaced a 1/3rd of those with cds or downloads at approx $10 each (for easy math). That’s $10,000 or approx 58 years of streaming at $15/month. The three dollars a month saved by going to Amazon hardly puts a dent in that - about three to four titles a year.

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I need Amazon HD integration (or mora qualitas, Apple Music, Spotify, KKBox, etc) badly, too.

I’m currently paying for Tidal (cause it’s one of the only 2 music service integrated with Roon), but both Tidal and Qobuz has so few Asian music (mainly Japanese and Chinese in my case) that I have to use some other music service outside Roon. But ideally I hope that i can use Roon as my only music app. (So obviously I hope the mobile function could come true soon as well.)

We have a huge number of audiophile fans here in East Asia. Actually Hi-Res is firstly introduced to this industry by a Japanese company, Sony. And Roon is also getting more and more popular here in Asia. So I’m hoping that one day Roon may pay more attention to this market here and integrate at least one platform that is friendly to us Asian people.


That makes more sense to me than adding Amazon. Add streaming services according to geographic locations and language.

Source link?

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For Roon to be successful long term it needs to be integrated with all music services. As mentioned Roon can’t do it alone, they need the cooperation of the music services. My personal opinion is that other music services are going to come out with their own version of Roon. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone tries to buy Roon, Amazon for example. Until then enjoy Roon and all it has to offer.


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I disagree. Roon does not need lower end streaming services. Roon is a high-end product and should stick with high-end streaming services, IMHO.


Great way to support the little guys (insert facetious emoji here). I’m so tired of the corporatization of America and the world. I hope Roon never integrates Amazon or Spotify. They have enough money. What’s wrong with Tidal or Qobuz? If you can afford Roon and the equivalent gear to get the best out of it, you can afford, and should support, one of those two streaming services. Amazon, which their ‘HD’ isn’t even bit perfect, would save one a whopping a $24 a year, over Qobuz, the price of a cd and half. I hope Roon continue to do the right thing.


Isn’t Amazon $14.99 per month? I pay $12.50 for Qobuz and $8.33 for Tidal. I see no reason at all for Amazon.

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These subscriptions can get out of hand!

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Count your blessings!

£20 or around $25 US (at current rates) per month for the premium Tidal subscription in the UK.

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I think Amazon is $12.99 add on for HD if you have Prime already. Qobuz I paid for yearly so don’t recall what it worked out to but yeah probably about $12-13 now that I think about it. That’s a great deal on Tidal, but I just don’t have enough ime to listen to that much music! And yeah, with a Netflix, Hulu, and god knows what else sub it does add up.

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In the US, Best Buy has Tidal Hi-Fi for $99 the first year, $120 after that.

I dropped Netflix in favor of Tidal and Qobuz.


There would be some serious uproar in the family if I did that, though these days I find Amazon and Hulu (FX) kicking butt on most of Netflix’s offerings.

Other than maybe a handful of titles that Tidal has that Qobuz doesn’t I just didn’t see the point of having both. I still buy the occasional download if need be (plus it puts a whole lot more $ straight into the artists hands, esp bandcamp Fridays).

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There’s heaps of good music not available on Tidal or Qobuz, i.e. old jazz or classical albums.
I would accept the lower quality, probably not relevant for older recordings anyway.
Amazon Music would be a perfect addition.

People forget Qobuz is not available everywhere yet and nor is Tidal. But Amazon is no alternative to either as they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to hifi implementation or infact anythjbg to do with SQ as its all just ruined by the system output of the pc or device as its not bit perfect.

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“Variety” is the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps there are others that don’t subscribe to Qobuz or Tidal? We, meaning Roon subscribers, can’t tell anyone else what they should be streaming…