Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

Unless they aren’t! Apparently Amazon believes that too, other wise they would not have called this crap “High resolution”…

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I remember BeatMax :heart_eyes:

Agreed I still maintain my legacy library in JRiver mainly because I don’t want to play catch up should I need to use it seriously again , apart from the pure interest aspect. I even use it daily as its much easier to find my favourite Mozart to cook breakfast to !!

Software is a precarious business, someone mentioned the graveyard of dead apps the other day.

Roon fits a need at present, we are way too early in the “Streaming Game” to call it yet , remember Jean-Luc “Computer play me Klingon Opera” . Who knows where we will end up . I recall my first serious computer 1981 , 40 years to where we are now what does the next 40 years bring ? I will be 110 !

Crystal Balls Out !!

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I’ll add it to the list :smirk:


All the reasons stated in the Audiophile Style article (and the link to his previous post) are why I cancelled my Amazon Music HD subscription.

Have been holding out getting a Roon subscription until support for Amazon Music HD is added. However, with the $1 trial for 3 months I am giving it a try. Even if Amazon HD is not up to par with Tidal or Qobuz in terms of top-tier quality, most of the folks in my house don’t care about that. Amazon HD is sufficient. Heck, they were listening to Spotify until recently.


I think you’ll be holding out for some time, since I suspect that Amazon won’t be keen to have their music library integrated into Roon.

Are you sure that Amazon HD is better sound quality than Spotify? The Amazon HD UI certainly isn’t better than that of Spotify!

Maybe you missed this.

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Never mind what other folks in the house thing about quality, what do you think? You can always raise the bar again as you have with Amazon over Spotify.

I don’t think Amazon and Roon will ever happen as it’s not in Roon’s gift.

Agree…Spotify’s UI is much better than Amazon’s. Just installed TIDAL, so getting a feel for that.

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Why would you loathe Jay-Z?

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I don’t think someone’s personal opinion of Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos is relevant to the discussion here, but I guess that’s my non-relevant personal opinion. I certainly don’t loathe someone for being successful. If I didn’t like their product, I wouldn’t pay for it. I have 1043 Tidal albums linked and none are hip-hop or rap. However, I have no problem with the Tidal website, although I use Roon to access Tidal and Qobuz, so it’s a non-issue.

I use the Tidal and Qobuz apps with my iPhone and Sony headphones when walking my dog. I just click on my albums and choose one to listen to. No hip-hop or rap appears.

"Is loathe worse than hate?

Loathe means to hate or detest something. Loathe is much stronger than hate . It implies deep-seated, simmering hatred . … If you loathe someone or something, you hate them very much."

Agree with you Jim. I genuinely dont understand how anyone can hate/loathe/detest another person they have never met. I mean I guess if you are talking about someone who is demonstrably ‘evil’ that’s one thing, but in general it just sounds like school yard nonsense.

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IMHO, the only way that Amazon would let Amazon HD be integrated into Roon would be if they BUY Roon, lock, stock and barrel.

According to Merriam-Webster, “HATE implies an emotional aversion often coupled with enmity or malice.”. So, hate is worse than loathe, as loathe does not imply enmity or malice.

I guess that depends on which dictionary you look at.

I’m totally with you and just cancelled Qobuz in favor of Amazon Music HD. Even though, I am a lifetime subscriber to Roon, I hardly use it anymore. :worried:


its not difficult to get Qobuz if its not available in your country. Just use a VPN to sign up…yes just sign up. Use a free VPN. And there you go. Give it a go, you have free months trial too…whats not to love?