Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

Keep it going folks! No better way to bring this to Amazon’s attention.

I admire y’alls spunk. The best likely way, though, for roon to get Amazon would be for roon to buy Amazon. Or one of y’all to buy Amazon. Good luck!


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Nah… All this can only help. The sticking point is Amazon needs to push library updates to Roon. I wonder if Roon could instead pull them daily? I presume a pull would require a full download which would not be practical, but if the API allows to request for changes in the last week, say, then maybe that is a viable alternative.

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Its great to see feedback from Roon explaining the situation. I for one already sent Amazon an e-mail explaining that the lack of roon support will send me happily back to Qobuz and I will post to social media.

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Not true. Their hardware could be direct roon endpoints. I have an Echo and can only use with roon if I Bluetooth my iPhone to it. Would be much easier if it was just a roon endpoint. Or just say Alexa connect to roon.

I too cancelled my subscription because amazon music app wouldn’t recognize my dac and kept downsampling the bitstream. In the app feedback section, I said they need Roon integration, also mentioned it in support chat and in my cancellation reason. Hopefully that will count towards something if enough of us do it.

Email sent to Amazon. :grinning::+1:

The music labels deliver daily dumps because new music is constantly made available… the pipeline just extends to us. That’s how we do it with TIDAL/Qobuz. We are always a short period behind them.

I think it doesen’t help to write “give us roon or else we cancel”. My approach was to tell them that amazon music HD is great and there is only so much left to get to the best and biggest streamingservice in the universe. So that they could think “wow, people like that, maybe if we go over that small roon-hurdle, we could get even more people convinced to be Amazon music HD subscribers.”

It may or may not work, but i hope the positive approach is giving them a boost. :wink:

Here is what they answered to me (german):

"…vielen Dank für Ihre Mitteilung zum Thema Amazon Music in aufzunehmen…

Kundenrückmeldungen wie Ihre helfen uns, unser Angebot weiter zu optimieren. Wir freuen uns daher, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, uns zu schreiben.

Sämtliche Vorschläge, Anregungen und Kommentare werden von uns gelesen und in regelmäßigen Abständen ausgewertet. Nur so wissen wir, was unsere Kunden wünschen und können unseren Service und unser Angebot ständig verbessern.

Noch ein kurzer Hinweis:
Da die Weiterleitung und Auswertung von Vorschlägen, Anregungen und Kommentaren ein interner Prozess ist, erhalten Sie dazu keine Rückmeldung oder Feedback. Wir bitten um Verständnis.

Wir freuen uns über weitere Vorschläge und Kommentare, die Sie uns über unsere Website zukommen lassen."



So this means you don’t need continued support from Amazon - ie a resource ensuring delivery of a feed to you? I thought this was the sticking point. Can you explain how this works?

of course we do… we have to become part of that pipeline. Once its setup, there is very little work ongoing, but it requires being a point in that internal pipeline.

Of course understood. I meant ongoing maintenance on their side related to the process and specific to Roon. Sounds to me like a small investment on their side initially and it’s all good.

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Obviously this is the right moment to bring help to small actors like Qobuz .Spotify and Qobuz are still losing money (official public figures) and without the support of “audiophiles customers” they really can die since Amazon is a healthy company.
Qobuz started in 2009 to offer HIRES but …sometimes to be the first is not the best place but they did …and in 2015 they have been purchased by another company which put money on the table (Xandrie)
The questions is : does Qobuz spent too much money for the US launch ? for me its a kind of duty and i will still support them …maybe until they die …also coz this is a french company and i live in Paris !!


If nothing changes, I will soon drop my Amazon trial and pay for one year of Roon. I’ll be keeping Tidal and Qobuz. Also keeping Apple Music only because it’s free from Verizon.


… free from Venison, Oh deer!

Had the Amazon offer for their 90 day HD music service following a music vinyl purchase. Replied along the lines that until Amazon HD was integrated into Roon, I’ll remain uninterested and stick with qobuz. I hope that is more grist to the mill.