Intel NUC endpoint question

Yep. That’s how I’m using my NUC with ROCK. As both Core and Endpoint, going from there to a USB DAC and then to the AV Receiver. Simple, and sounds sublime. (You could make it even simpler by eliminating the DAC and using HDMI, but I like to watch YouTube 4K HDR videos (or other stuff) on TV via HDMI and listen to Roon simultaneously on occasion, especially with guests. HDMI won’t let you do that.)

Depends on your av processor, I do this all the time on mine, but I can’t use 2 hdmi sources with one video and the other audio

  1. appliance, not computer- no management, no startup/shutdown issues, no updates, no management
  2. no other demands on it so simple music processing => reliable, fast, effective
  3. Cheaper - no need for Windows licences
  4. Simpler - just works
  5. See 1.

why not use a Raspbery Pi + HiFiberry DAC + HAT as ROON endpoint?
it’s officially supported by ROON, works out-of-the-box and it consumes less energy…

If you use the Ropiee XL software (free!) then besides ROON you also can stream your music from other audio streaming software (like JRiver)

Matthew (and rest of the forum) my apologies in advance if I’ve misunderstood your needs for multichannel playback, but I have simply attached an old Onkyo 7.1 channel receiver directly via HDMI from my ROCK (Intel NUC) to the receiver. Roon sees the receiver as an endpoint. That setup has been able to play any multichannel source material I can throw at it. For higher quality two channel listening, I use an ethernet-connected streamer connected to a DAC. (Direct USB connection between the ROCK and DAC also works if you don’t have a streamer.)
I have really enjoyed some of the multichannel material. For example Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here in 5.1 is an absolutely fantastic experience! I wouldn’t call it “audiophile” listening since its being played back through a low end receiver, but the listening experience far outweighs any audio quality shortcomings in my opinion.

May I add an advantage with ROCK that has not been mentioned? It is a bit like a coffee-table book: My NUC is in the corner of the living room. To guests, I can show them and explain it is a complete intel PC. They go - WOOOW - so tiny. I then tell I have assembled it myself. And then - the grand finale - I tell them it runs a mystical, stripped OS, called ROCK that does nothing but running ROON and gets the bits out. It is really something to talk about. Windows10 is not.

Then upgrade to Nucleus /+ with that Sexy chassis and get out some nice drinks and relax to some tunes :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone’s input. A lot of good points and I learned a lot from the discussion. I decided to go with a Intel BXNUC10i7FNK with Windows 10. Understand those who like the simplicity of the ROCK OS and it could work for all my audio needs. However, for me the ability to also play video with J River made it worth the added hassle/expense of a windows setup.

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