Intel NUC with ROCK processor advice

(Mark) #42

That is pretty much the same build that I am using for my MOCK (check out my profile). It’s has worked without any issues for over a year but as others have mentioned it may stop working as it is unsupported.

If you are just going to use it for a ROCK build then personally I would get a NUC and put it in a fanless case.


I reckon that if you were to use a NUC8i5 or NUC8i3 you wouldn’t need to bother with a fan-less case. In normal use my 8i5 is inaudible in my listening room. A number of other 8i5 and 8i3 NUC users have posted similar results.

(John Winterberg) #44

Hi Peter,

I just read through this thread and your comment that Windows is the fastest OS for Roon was intriguing. Have you done benchmarks between using Windows and Unix/Linix? Most of my experience has been that Unix/Linix supports higher performance in its applications.


(Geoff Coupe) #45

I think it’s a bit more nuanced than that. This post by Brian goes into a lot more detail…

(John Winterberg) #46

Thanks for the link Geoff. An interesting read.