iOS device - iPhone, iPad etc. as an audio playback device

No difference other than it now being free for MSDN subscribers.

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Is it likely we’ll see audio being streamed to iOS devices for local listening by Roon 1.3?

What the reason is makes no deference for me. It’s absurd that I’ve paid such amount of money and can’t stream! It’s 2016! And Roon is hiding behind Apple. Gives Apple the blame. I love the rest of Roon but streaming has to com before my year is over. Otherwise no Roon anymore. Also if they com later with streaming I would never use Roon again.

Get a beautiful mail of all the beautiful futures and happy costumers and what costumers want but nothing about streaming. Shame on you Roon!

I am sure Roon works as hard as they can, but they are awaiting Xamarin changes.

Like first find out a car and a few months later you get weels?
I work hard to and really don’t care how hard somebody works. Do it good!
They had awaited in the first time before push Roon on the market. That’s my opinion.

You’re entitled to your opinions of course, but this is a weird one: you buy into a (great) piece of software, then come in fuming about ‘missing features’ that were never claimed to be present in the first place.

Roon does what it says on the tin – and that’s a lot. While playing audio to iOS devices is definitely on the radar, as well as remotely streaming your Roon library, it makes no sense to complain now. Roon has made remarkable progress over its first year of existence, but anyone becoming a member (whether yearly or life) did so based on the feature set available at the time of purchase.

Roon will continue to expand its features as it has done in the past, but no promises were made on the timeframes of these specific two.


It will be sad to see you go :neutral_face:

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Your post is very rude. Please see the community guidelines here:

Actually, I don’t mind playing music on one iOS device (like an iPod Touch) and controlling it from another iOS device (like an iPad). Then I can carry the playback device around the house (wash dishes, use the exercise bike). If I forget that the playback device is in my pocket, I can pretend that the music is coming from the control device. :slight_smile:

Perhaps Steve Jobs was right – phones are for making phone calls, and tablets are for surfing the web. So I need one of each!

This is also a function I look forward to. It is offered in other solutions. I was able to do this using LMS and IPeng Playback. It’s obvious that Roon and its developers take the Community’s views seriously.Recent updates have validated this. And I’m sure that many of the longed for functions are either on their way or are being worked on. I’m positive that there’s no intention to mislead or run with the money. It’s hard to be patient especially in this exciting world of CA but I’m sure that these functions will emerge.If they don’t, then you can opt out when the subcrition is up.There are plenty of options out there that may suit you better.

This is not the best of comparisons. Find me a car where all problems are openly discussed, customer service is free (including parts and consumables), and that can be tried for two weeks, unlimited mileage, no questions asked.

  1. It was very easy to find out iOS playback is a problem and the resolution of the problem is dependent on a third-party.
  2. It was not difficult to find out when you looked at the forum. The problem is mentioned a couple of thousand times and Roon staff responded always in the same way : ‘We know the problem, we would like to solve it but it is beyond our control.’
  3. You had a two weeks trial period to find out about the problem and decide not to order the problem.

I know the attitude on some Duch forums is rather ‘direct’. If one is within ones rights, it can be a mitigating factor if one behaves abysmally. In your case, you forgot to do your homework and are probably trying to bully Roonlabs to give their product for free or at a discount. I really hope you don’t succeed.

I found a workaround for Roon to iPad streaming :smile:

You can stream music to iPad if you use Roon (with Squeezebox support activated), buy Squeezepad ( and activate Squeezepad playback on iPad. That way you can get your iPad as a supported player in Squeezepad and then as a zone in Roon.

I would also love native iOS streaming support, but this fills the gap waiting for official support.

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iPeng for iOS for iPad or iPhone presumably would also work, as it also emulates a squeezebox player on iPhones and iPads.

Never got iPeng working as a device in Roon with Squeezbox support enabled. If anyone got tips on how to get this to work I would be thankful.

I haven’t tried it, but I presume you do have the iPeng “player” option. This is a separately purchased option from iPeng as a controller only.

I had contact first with a salesmanager and he promissesed me that it will be working (streaming) in a very short time. He mentions about 2 months. So I believed him, my mistake but don’t think for me and don’t get the feeling I did nothing before I subscribed. I found it stunning in house. And yes, Dutch people say what they mean to make things clear. You can talk an hour or just say yes or no. I prefer the last method.

So, I did my homework and so, your Dutch approach isn’t working in this case😜

Thanks fore you’re honest replay anyway. :+1:t2:

Kind regards,


Hahaha, nice👍🏻

I Like to be direct. That’s Dutch. I didn’t wrote anything rude at all or should I speak Zen. Sorry, bad joke.

There’s a problem. Problem has to be solved and sometimes kindness isn’t the right way to get what you want. But sorry if I’ve hearth somebody’s feelings with my comment.

Just for the record: this is most certainly not ‘Dutch’. Apart from that, we tend to like our discourse to be a bit more civil here.

Since your main interest appears to be ‘getting what you want’, I suggest you contact your ‘salesmanager’ once more and share the outcome. AFAIK, Roon are very reluctant naming specific timeframes, as it is small team dealing with shifting priorities all the time.

Yes, those features will come, but I very much doubt anyone with Roon has made specific promises as to how and when.


Couldn’t agree more. I was referring to sites like powned news etc where all rules on common civilized discourse have been abandonded.

I humbly apologize to the human race in general and the civilized Dutch people specifically. For punishment, I’m going to listen to the DSD recording from Beethoven 9th, with Haitink and the LSO. I like punishment :slight_smile:


What a nonsense but I’ve seen enough here and paid enough to get what I want. Isn’t that normal? I’ve spoken to sales and the outcome isn’t for your ears.

But you will not have any trouble from my rude writings anymore sir.

By all…