iPad 3rd gen with Roon Remote


I am in the trial period of Roon, I’d like to continue into the year’s Subscription.

Although, my main issue to achieve that is that the Roon Remote doesn’t work with my iPad 3rd.

I know that is old but I also know that until today it’s a very strong device and it works still very fine so I don’t want to change it only for the Roon Remote.

My question is: apart the RDP solutions, that works, but that shows Roon blurry and they need that I use the iPad horizontally (awkward), there is other solutions in order to use Roon Remote with my iPad 3rd gen? An experimental app, a web interface…

see Old iPad2 as Roon display with iPeng & Squeezelite

Besides @ged_hickman1’s suggestion, you could install the Roon Web Controller extension, either with or without the Roon Extension Manager. (I’ve found that using the Extension Manager makes dealing with extensions a bit easier.)

The Web Controller extension will allow you to use the old iPad as a somewhat basic Roon control point. The interface isn’t as slick as a bona fide Roon remote’s, and getting everything set up involves some geekiness, but it will get the job done.