iPad Air 2 OR Sony Xperia Z4


Is it possible to choose the Roon Core as the endpoint via the iOS remote app?
At the moment Roon Core runs on my Windows 10 laptop with no separate remote. There I have a list of endpoints (USB-attached DAC and an AppleTV in the living room (in the same intranet), and at some point in the future some network attached speakers distributed throughout the flat and/or chromcast audio).

Now would it be possible to select all these endpoint with the remote app, without me having to go the laptop and choosing them in Roon Core?

Yes, that is current functionality (Root meaning Core). Mike published a FAQ today setting it out in more detail:


Thanks @andybob. That feature somewhat compensates the IOS apps lack of being used as an endpoint.
Especially because - after doing some research - the IPad Air 2/Mini 4 just seem to provide the best over all tablet experience. There are Android tablets out there which excel in one specific area (like the Samsungs S2 screen) but lack in other areas (like horrible build in speakers in the Samsung).
The Apple devices just perform on a high level more consistently.

Amen to that! I am considering the iPad Pro, but the next iteration whenever that should be as my iPad Air 2 is just wonderful for the most part. Given the iPad Pro’s format, the roon remote app and roonSpeaker if at all possible should look gorgeous and hopefully sound decent if only for checking out new music, but not for critical listening, of course.

Good fortune with your choice(s) and outcomes. With roon there’s more to enjoy than meets the eyes (and ears). With iOS devices, the eyes have it! (smile).


So after reading all this I’m doubtful of meeting my goal which has been using an iPad or iPhone to access my tidal account via Roon and wifi it over to my chromecast audio device. I understand this is essentially using my iOS as an endpoint, which sounds like a current no go. However, if I’m only using the Roon as a better formatting program for something I already have streamed to that device than It wouldn’t seem to require the same processing power of a core computer. I can already use tidal directly from iPad to chromecast, so any chance of getting it via Roon without the ball and chain of another cpu?