iPeng and Roon Controls

Hi Everyone, does anyone using iPeng have the ability to:
1.see their entire Roon library in the iPeng app as opposed to having to use Roon Remote to access?
2. Use any of the Now Playing widget controls except for pause? I cannot get the track skip or resume buttons to work in lock screen Now Playing widget - all controls works fine within iPeng app.

Sorry, but you are aware that iPeng controls Squeeze-based infrastructures and Roon controls Roon based setups?
With Roon you can enable playback to Squeeze-based devices (hardware) but the other way around will never happen.
On the other hand, your music library could be made available both to a Roon Core/Server and a Logitech Media Server at the same time, thus displaying two libraries of the same set of files.

Not sure if this made any sense, but neither did your question! :wink:

Hi @Mikael_Ollars, thanks for the follow-up. I’m not sure I explained myself clearly; I currently have iPeng set up on my iPhone to control remote playback of my Roon setup when away from home. It’s working completely except that I can’t advance, reverse or resume playback if paused from the Now Playing lock screen of my iPhone. I also can’t view the contents of my Roon library within the iPeng even though there are “Artists” and “Albums” fields within the iPeng GUI. It simply shows “Loading” and never finishes the process.

You are saying your setup does things not possible?
Can you post a screenshot of what you mean?

@Mikael_Ollars It does work remotely, over cellular. However, these two issues I’ve asked about occur on my home wi-fi as well; it’s not relegated to different networks or type of connectivity.

But, there is no Roon involved in those two screenshots afaik? You obviously have a LMS running somewhere, and iPeng allows you to stream to your phone (over airplay?)
But i still cannot grasp what Roon has got to do with any of this? iPeng cannot control Roon…

iPeng is controlling Roon in both of these screenshots. The “Now Playing” is a track from Roon. I have iPeng set up like a lot of the other forum members, where’s it’s pointing to my Mac, which runs Roon core, and I have Squeezebox support enabled within Roon so my iPhone (running iPeng) is seen as an endpoint.

Ipeng runs squeezelite if I remember so yes it will show as Roon endpoint. But endpoints can’t control Roon other than simple playback , stop pause , play and volume. You cant browse the library with any other app than Roon. You need to use the Roon app to select music Roon does not share it’s library as an LMS server.

Thanks @CrystalGipsy - just making sure I didn’t miss something in the setup!

No worries. Its the same for all endpoints that have native apps to control them so when I’m playing Roon on my Naim system I can still pause, stop and play via the Naim app but not much else.

Thanks for clearing that up, i was at a loss there. :slight_smile:

iPeng was re-engineered to become a playback device for Roon at one point. I don’t remember the specifics but I believe it enabled limited control of Roon from older non compliant IOS devices and playback, which hasn’t always been available, on any IOS device. So it should do what the OP has enquired about if that functionality is still supported in iPeng.