IQAudio RC4 on PiAMP+ or PiDAC+ does not show up in Roon

Stupid question time !!
Do I need to be running Roon Server on a separate PC to use a Pi IQ audio DAC+ combo or should Roon on a tablet just “see” the networked DAC+ ???
Many Thanks.

If by “tablet” you mean a device running iOS or Android, then these would be running a Roon “Control” component. It’s the Roon “Core” component that “sees” Roon “Outputs” (a.k.a. endpoints) such as a networked RPi + DAC+. See here, here and here for more words.

I’m seeing this problem (Roon can’t see the pi/pidac). IQRoon_pcm5xxx_RC7_closed.img - the pi boots and I can see it, but the standard password does NOT work.

Any offers?