Is it possible to have Roon use a lesser protocol for multiroom use?

I’ve got a BlueSound Node 2i and an Apple HomePod that I stream to over AirPlay 2 from my phone. I’ve just decided to try out Roon again since its first release and I would like to be able to stream to both simultaneously, but since the Node is Roon-ready, it’s not able to group with the HomePod.

Is it possible to set Roon to use a specific protocol on an endpoint that has a lot of different ones? It’s understandable that Roon would select RAAT by default but it’d be nice to have it stream over AirPlay, rather than omit multiroom altogether.

If Airplay is available on the Bluesound, it should be a selectable option in the setup menu on Roon.

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Roon doesn’t currently support AirPlay 2.

I see. Maybe the Node doesn’t support AirPlay 1. That would explain why I can’t play to both simultaneously.

EDIT: Wrong. I just needed to enable it in the settings. Thanks @Henry_McLeod!