Is it possible to output 24/192 from my Mac via Tidal Desktop app?

Thanks so much for the Tidal Desktop test screenshots on the Mac! Good to confirm that Tidal Desktop can use exclusive access on the Mac to output 24/192.

One big irony though, my $3000 M10V2 can’t do 24/192 from Tidal Desktop for now but your $300 Loxjie D30 can :joy:

I know eventually this situation will change after NAD and Roon implemented the new API, but if I want to enjoy the new 24/192 files now, unfortunately this means getting a new DAC now that supports USB IN.

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Well my main streamer is my Cambridge Audio CXNv2. And that one doesn’t support it either. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I think you’ll find most uses have to wait, unless they are using a pc. Just be patient.

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Easier said than done :sweat_smile: