Is re-analyzing normal after upgrading to 1.3? [Yes]


Is this usual, in my case after updating to 1.3, following is occurring as current status,

Rescanning files: 38151/75269

Adding Music To Library: Of 403 tracks, 32 added, 32 identified

Scanning now…
74110 Tracks Imported
99536 Files SCanned

And in the Settings, under Library section,

Background Audio Analysis Speed: Fast (4 Cores)
Analyzing: 2447 / 74086

yup… see:

relevant paragraphs:

After updating to 1.3, Roon will re-extract file tags from your library and then re-queue your files for audio analysis. This can place some extra load on your core until that work is complete, so consider this when deciding when to accept the update.

Starting in Roon 1.3, we have fully adopted the R128 volume leveling standards. Your music library will be re-analyzed automatically to extract R128 data, and the volume leveling features throughout the app will make use of it.

Finally, Roon’s Audio Analysis can now be configured to use all of your CPU cores, and several stability issues related to analysis have been addressed.

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Thank you.

Upgraded early this morning (5am). Been checking every so often on background audio analysis.

Core running on Mac Mini (2012, i5, 8Gb RAM, external USB3 SSD stores Roon database, external 2Tb USB3 drive stores music).

Initially, running on 1 core, was processing about less than 1,000 files per hour. Upped it to 4 cores (OSX Activity Monitor shows 380% processor usage). Now processing about 2,000 files per hour. Fortunately, Roon still plays OK (but stutters a bit on some 192K files).

With 100K files this is going to take about 2 days. Is that normal?

Yep. That’s normal.

As nice as it is to have analysis completed it’s not required to use Roon. If you play a track that hasn’t been analyzed yet then that track is done on-demand before it’s played.

If you bump analysis down to 2 cores when you want to play music the dropouts should stop. You can always up it again when you aren’t playing.