Is Roon ARC a game changer?

Plexamp vs roon cant be compared.

And ARC is on 1.0, let them enhanced the app.
About internet required connection, its 2022, c’mon

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Thanks god, Roon Arc is not a game changer. I like that game very much so far.
Roon Arc is a very fun and useful game extension. And it will grow significantly from here.

After a couple of weeks’ frustration, I got it working today. I’m very impressed and it has a wow factor. How useful is it to me? Very little. I’ll show off to my friends but I don’t listen to music via my phone or my iPad.

Now if they can port this to a MacOS, that would be a real step forward. I’ll be able to listen to my music in the office or in my second home.

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Roon ARC just took a major step forward for me.
I now have Roon ARC in my Car.

Car in question is a 2003 BMW E46 318Ci M-Sport Coupe, which I have owned 17-years since 2005.

There is no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto just the original OEM head unit from 2003 “BMW Business CD”

In 2005 I had fitted a Dension ICE Link Plus for iPod integration, and dedicated a 60G iPod Video (5th Gen) to the glovebox as the ‘CarPod’.
The integration behaves as a CD Changer.
And the five Playlists map to the Buttons on the head unit as CDs

(I also still have a iPod 3rd Gen 20G with a B&W screen from 2001 and has 24/48 ALAC as the max supported, even then in 2001)

The 60G iPod is loaded full with AAC 256k files, converted from my local library.

But an Apple 30-pin to Lighting cable now allows the iPhone running Roon ARC to play through the Dension and bosh Roon ARC in the car. Place the iPhone in the holder in the air vent and the cable disappears into the Glovebox.
Track forward/back is also possible with the steering wheel controls.

Max format supported is 24/48 which is the limit for current Apple devices without external DACs.
However good enough for the car.

I am delighted it works - 2022 technology comes to a soon-to-be 20-year old car.


Truly awesome!

I remember having that “CD changer” integration for my iPod in a Volkswagen Golf 5. Don’t remember the name but could be the same as yours. Really cool.

Roon ARC is definitely a game changer for me. I do most of my listening at home where Roon shines but I also go for long walks and enjoy listening sessions while out and about. This required maintaining a separate streaming ecosystem which always presented challenges in keeping libraries (local vs. streaming) in sync, matching favorites (artists, albums, tracks) and generating/obtaining reliable listening history/stats without having to manage/refer to a 3rd party (

This was so annoying (for me anyway) that I abandoned Roon about a year ago, even though I paid for a lifetime subscription, in favor of Apple Music w/ a 3rd party app called Albums. This worked well enough and the Albums app is fantastic although there were still many missing features/limitations. And I was at the mercy of Apple Music removing/changing music in my library without warning. One of the biggest things I was missing dearly is the way Roon recommends similar artists and albums. I know Apple Music and other services have similar features but in my experience the recommendations from Roon have always been right on the money. Pure gold.

So I’m thrilled to be able to return to Roon (w/ a local library + Qobuz) for a single, consistent platform with all that Roon magic. Kudos team!


No game changer for me as I cannot shuffle through my Albums and tracks as I do with Roon Remote. Also Arc cannot handle large playlists and hangs.

It doesn’t seem to work very well for me outside the house, so currently, no.

I decided to not switch to business account. Everything works fine besides this roon app. I hate dealing with Vodafone. I really do. Unfortunately I cannot switch to Telekom. The don’t offer anything over here. Like I said earlier, I don’t get the hype anyway. Qobuz works fine everywhere I go :person_shrugging:

Sure. But streaming services don’t have everything I want to listen to outside of my home.


If you had anything that needs a forwarded port like ARC does, it wouldn’t work either. Yeah, I hate dealing with Vodafone as well, it’s been 2 weeks and only half of it works so far (and it’s VF’s fault). And as for Qobuz, it simply depends on your requirements, as probably also mentioned :slight_smile: ARC is infinitely better for me


No comment on if it is an industry game changer. Don’t care.

ARC changes my game. Absolutely! (~92k local files)

  1. As an avid buyer of used CDs, I can use ARC when I am in the shops to scan my CDs (all ripped) to see which masterings I own. Phoning home to my local library is brilliant.

  2. Playing all of my preferred masterings for eight hours in the office is perfect. I spend a lot of time researching and acquiring specific masterings, so I don’t need to use VOX to save just a few titles and instead just stream them all!

  3. Playlist creation and addition is seamless anywhere. I save new releases every Friday from Qobuz into a playlist and chew on it throughout the week. Play history and access is seamless now. If there are tracks that are really special, I can add them to a playlist…or add the whole album to my library to check out later.

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I don’t know why but it works now :person_shrugging::joy: Thank you for your suggestions. I really have no clue what happened. The forwarded port switched to active somehow. I will never change anything from now on :point_up:

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A day at the office today and super glad to have ARC! :partying_face:

As a side note, I installed Plex Media Server on my MacMini, went to work and installed Plex on my work PC. Boom. It worked perfectly - I could browse my local music files and play them with a minimum of setup. So, if it all works perfectly on Plex why is ARC such a pain on the ass for me? Hopefully Roon will iron out these teething problems in the next release.


Correct and as has been mentioned PLEX has been out for over a decade just working lol.
I have ARC working just fine, but its just a doubling up of functionality available in a variety of ways for my phone. But nice to have choice I suppose.

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Yeah, choice is always good but to be honest, even if I got ARC working I doubt I’d ever use it. I have lots of albums downloaded from Tidal on my phone and I can always stream using 4G if I’m in the mood to listen to something different when I’m walking the dog or driving to work.

I guess it would be great if you had a ton of obscure stuff that you couldn’t just stream when you’re out.

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For me ARC is more than a game changer, it is a game starter!
I have been curious about Roon since before 1.8 (old time Squeezebox, JRiver, iTunes 4 user), but the core Roon experience was a low priority ever since I went full streaming in 2016 (and small kids turned living room listening into an infrequent hobby).
Now with ARC it makes sense to really go full Roon. A late 2013 MacBook Pro is doing fine as a dedicated server and Qobuz provides official support in Brazil since the last year.
What I am really intrigued is why the marketing and PR effort seems so restricted to audiophile publications.
I follow many, many music writers who frequently touch on streaming topics, critiques about Spotify, lack of context, poor discovery and so on, but never find a mention to Roon and ARC. (I can only wonder what Ted Gioia would write about it. Or even how hyperbolic would Bob Lefsetz go!)
Perhaps it must be a wiser option to stick with the “audiophile” segment. (or wait for a deeper, full cloud integration with one of the streamers???)

No. Not at all. The real game changer will be when they add shuffle library, if they do. Otherwise, ARC is no big deal and has been done before

Can’t say as it’s a game changer but I can say I have become a converted believer after holding out for weeks on trying it.

And I only got it set up as another member was having an issue with exactly the same router I have so thought I would give it a shot to help out.

After resolving the set up issues I thought I might as well try it.
That was Tuesday morning.
It’s not given me one hiccup at all anywhere, going from WiFi to cell to WiFi without pause.

TBH I’m not too bothered about using it for anything already in a stream service as I could use their native apps.

But to be able to play any of my ripped CDs at anytime?

Yes that part is sweet and I’m deeply impressed all round, much more than I expected to be.

Hats off to @danny and the team on this one and sorry I took so long to believe :grin: