[ISP Related] - UK Network EE - ARC with 4G modem for home (Archer MR600 with EE sim)

I am floundering here. I use a 4g modem for home use in UK, cable way too slow. I have an Archer MR600 modem working via an EE sim. Do I have a chance of getting this to work with ARC? I get the multiple NAT message but i do not really understand this.

Could be talking to myself here. Two things, the general discussion around ARC on the community is way beyond my level of understanding. I am probably slightly above average in terms of being tech savvy. This isn’t going to work for Roon if they assume too much knowledge. Second, in ROON , the ARC tab in settings, I still get the message that things are not set up for ARC due to multiple NAT (whatever that is). However, ARC seems to work. How? Why?

While ARC seemed to work in and around home, WiFi turned off on phone, 4g on, now trying in hotel 250 miles away and nothing. I can see the contents of my library, but nothing plays. Not even two albums downloaded onto arc on phone earlier. Any advice regarding my setup much appreciated.

Can you elaborate? What are you seeing? Any error messages?

Hi @Colin_Rogers ,

Unfortunately, it sounds like you have CG-NAT (Carrier Grade NAT) on your current network, other forum posts seem to indicate that this is common for EE:


If you would like, you can confirm directly with them to see if there’s any way you can enable proper port forwarding, or if not, some users have gotten ARC through a CG-NAT by using Tailscale, but this is not something we tested so we would be unable to advise specifics:

Thanks. I have contacted ee but the person I spoke to seemed to have less understanding of the issue than I do! Passed me over to the modem manufacturer, TP-Link. They took me round and round modem settings but this got me, eventually, to where Roon’s own auto setup gets to. That is all the right settings but no success apparently due to the cg Nat issue, that ee didn’t understand. Is there anyone here who got this to work with UK ee 4g at home broadband?

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