KEF LS50 "Wireless". Really?

No doubt there will be an announcement about special Roon ready tinfoil headgear to support advanced features like DSD and room correction. I vote they name it the discombobulator.

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I have these speakers and think the whole they are not really wireless thing is silly nitpicking.
Do people expect no power cord too?

I have them to and love them, I guess the wireless is misleading but a quick read of the reviews online or the Kef website clears things up.
Now where is the Roon ready update?


It’s just a few people that think they are being funny. It’s one or two people in particular. Any yes I am talking about you if that comment offended you.

they should have just called them active and not wireless… but whatever… bad naming.

they are pretty sweet regardless.

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Thanks John, I found the app frustrating but did finally get it to connect. I stream via a microrendu and recently added a Ultracap LPS-1 power supply and Isoacoustics Aperts stands. This combination is pretty amazing. I am not sure there is any more improvements I can do at this point.

LS50W warmed my home yesterday :). Thanks to @hk6230, he is the one who put bug in my mind. No regrets at all.

Regarding Naming “Active” would have sounded appropriate. Well i dont care. It was very easy set up, perfect WAF and my daughters set them up :).

Just the power chords, ETH for synch between two (In fact I like the concept, wired is always faster as we all know). Wifi is a pain to handle. And i dont use DLNA anyways.

I m currently using Roon on Mac to LS50W USB input. Works like a Charm!.

These are simply ENORMOUS in musicality compared to what and how they look.