KEF LS50W Mk1 Roon tested?

Was thinking of a pair of these for a garden office. I know the newer Mk2s are roon ready? But is the older Mk1 version roon capable? Obviously it’s a lot cheaper secondhand :slight_smile:


KEF LS50 Wireless II isn’t yet Roon Ready:

A firmware update is expected at the end of April. I don’t think the first version will be made Roon Ready.

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The Mk1s are Roon Tested - the hardware won’t accommodate full RAAT functionality.

You can still see them and play them through Roon, but you won’t get, for example, the multiform/zoning aspect.

I use them in my living room with no problems. I do recommend you use physical ethernet for input though. It is much more stable than wifi.

I have been using KEF LS50W Gen 1 with roon since early December 2019, over Wi-Fi only. Super-happy with them. I play FLAC’s from a Drobo NAS (almost exclusively 16/44.1), Tidal Hi-Fi, and Quobuz. The first couple-three months have been a little bumpy, as I was getting “roon has lost control of the device” quite often. The solution always required restarting/rebooting one or more devices (speakers, core, wi-fi, remote), and a lot of patience. Gradually, though, the more I used it and the more my mesh Wi-Fi (eero Pro) seemed to improve (maybe found and settled on a less busy channel, and/or firmware improved), until it fully stabilized once I implemented IP reservations for all my networked audio devices, except the remotes. Also, replacing my 2011 MacBook Pro as Core on Wi-Fi with ROCK on an i7 NUC 8th Gen on Ethernet in January 2020 has certainly helped. All has been working extremely well since, sound quality is great, no drops, no clicks, no pops. As it has been said already, multiroom doesn’t work natively. You can explore AirPlay or raspberry pi’s as a workaround, where feasible. This is my experience. YMMV… FWIW, same exact story with a pair of LSX I own since January 2020.