Keyboard Navigation

I would like to control roon only with my harmony remote on my windows roon-remote screen.
So it would be great to navigate with the cursor keys e.g. like kodi-navigation

Look in the tinkering section.

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Thanks :pray:t2: for this fast and very interesting reply.
I thought it’s only for volume up/down - the things roon supports by hot keys but not for navigation.
I can’t wait to try it.

Currently it provides transport control, volume and some other direct functions.

Screen navigation is not currently directly possible within deep harmony, however you may be able to combine harmony and deep harmony for hifi system control and something like the Flirc IR remote receiver plugged into a USB port on your PC for cursor key navigation. Flirc would need to be added as a device to harmony as well along with assigning buttons on the remote to it.

Caveat - I have never tried flirc for this.

Thanks for Your Info about harmony and flirc.
I do use flirc already to control my roon pc - great product. But to control roon I have to simulate mouse-movements with the (flirc-) keyboard. Flirc doesn’t support this.
I can control every hot key roon supports but i miss navigation. So I have to use harmony and a mouse.