Laptop or iMac in sleep mode - no remote?

Hi, Could you advice me on the following please:

  • If my laptop or iMac goes into sleep mode, does this mean that the remote with iPhone won’t work as it doesn’t see the PC / iMac?


Hi @robert_creagmile,

That is correct, without a running Roon Core … there is no Roon.

Is there a way around this ? Otherwise what’s the point in having a remote ?

No, Roon is completely centric and built arround the Roon Core (and the backend services).

The purpose of the Roon Remote to allow control of the Roon Core from other devices / multiple users and zones.

Also for those who run Roon Server (which is headless i.e. no GUI) Roon Remote is used to control it.

Same as a remote for a TV. The remote allows one to change channels, change volume, etc. But if the TV is not turned on, the TV remote is useless.

That’s the point of the remote - to turn the tv on.
So why can’t the remote bring the pc / Mac out of sleep mode ?

That’s a function of the Wake-on-Lan (WoL) function. I recall some discussion of this elsewhere on the forum and recall (perhaps incorrectly) that Roon does not have a WoL function built in. I think folks add a separate app to their tablet or smartphone that sends the “magic packet” to WoL their computer, and then afterwards can use the Roon remote app.

p.s. Other music servers I’ve used do have a built in WoL function. For example, LMS.

edit: here’s a thread on this:

That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Is there a solution to this problem or is it just a feature request atm ?
Thanks for your reply Gary.

Hi @robert_creagmile,

Sorry, I’m misinterpreted your question in that I thought you were asking to be able to use a Roon without the Roon Core running.

As @garym has remarked … Roon does not support Wake On LAN, so for now at least it’s a feature request, see above link.

The workaround is to install a 3rd party WOL application on your phone, or alternatively run Roon Core or Roon Server on a device that is permanently active … say on a NUC.

I don’t think its a problem. We turn TVs off because all current TVs use a technology that is a consumable to generate the picture and the life of the TV would be shortened if left on.

The opposite is true of computers; leave them on for longest life.

Stereo electronics, except for tubes, also benefit from being left on. If you leave your stereo on and core on… you’re ready to go and this is actually better for the electronics.

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On a Win PC, WoL can be switched on in the Bios. I have two options: Any Ip pinging the PC wakes it up, or just the Magic packet. You find Apps that send that magic packet. The PC has to be in sleep mode to be woken up. It works ok, however on my PC it wakes up from time to time because some Win service wakes up or wants something. That can be troubleshooted but it is cumbersome. Or use a remote power socket to start the pc. For something fancy you can try to run the on-off button switch through an relay triggered by the telephone system or else. Hope some of this helps for the Mac too

Thanks Joachim.

Im going to try running the remote itunes app to wake up the mac and then open roon remote. Fingers crossed.