Leaving Roon after price increase

Two years ago there was a increse of 20%, Last year for me the prices went up by 15% due to the exchange rate of dollar/euro and now another 25%. Sorry you’ve lost me.

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I’m also thinking about leaving Roon due to the price increase. I don’t need the latest features of Roon and I don’t think Roon is worth $15 a month. The current price was about the max I was willing to pay. A lite version with the old features only would be an option (at a lower price).

Just cancelled my subscription as of December 15th. I liked Roon but can easily do without.

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Ya! Just in time for the Holidays… price increases :frowning:
It is a hefty price on top of the service subscriptions, thankfully the option to migrate to lifetime at the current rate is still open. With Arc up, it makes it a bit more tempting to make the leap.

So, people won’t be discouraged from paying Roon more money for a software that has serious bugs throughout the year.

To prevent people from being discouraged from paying more for a software that is full of bugs. It’s not like they’ll use that money to hire a few people to look for and fix them. They’ll pocket the money and keep status quo.

Not at all, roon should have managed that situation better rather than lumping it all now. It smacks of what a lot of companies are doing right now, playing off the back of rising costs to pump prices right up.

As I have stated I will suck up a 20% increase, in the grim hope that roon fix what is broken (rather than introducing features that have been in existence for decades, for free, elsewhere.

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How can be a price increase managed in a good way? It is always bad (for customers). If they would have introduced the increase at a time when no one else would increase prices, would you be more happy?

Very simple, introduce small price increases as you indicated each year. This would be easy to understand, paying staff a pay increase, larger servers required by roon etc could all easily be explained by a small increase each year.

Yes of course we would be at the same or more outcome today, but its very much like boiling a frog in that respect. I feel like I am explaining something very obvious here so not sure where you are trying to get at.

A 20% increase overnight, is eye watering, regardless of historical costs.

Put another way circa 100 quid UK a year, was a no brainer, £130 well as QVC would say that’s a ‘considered purchase’. It would be enough next year for me to now actually make an effort to see how other solutions have come along, rather than auto hit the renew button.

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I made a conscious decision 5 years ago against the lifetime license and go with the annual subscription. I knew I would end up paying more, but that was OK for me, and I thought Roon would get more out of it in the long run.
Roon not making a separate offer to long-time subscribers and instead saying I can switch to the Lifetime license for another $ 700 feels like a slap in the face to me.
It seems to me that Roon doesn’t value long-term customers.


Who does this?

That’s illegal for the type of asset that is Roon membership.

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It was not. It was just moved to Feedback because that’s what it is. In Feedback it’s all visible:


So, you would have preferred paying more over the past 5 years to have a smaller percentage increase now? How does that make a bit of sense?

You’ve had two years to switch to lifetime for $700. Prior to that, you could have switched for $500. Maybe you made a bad decision?


Plus there was a time when exchange rate to Euro was favorable, I paid less than 600 euros for lifetime in Dec 2020 (and close to half of this has already paid off during these first 2 years).

As already written, I was aware that I pay more in the long run. I decided to do this because I wanted to support Roon in the long term. But it seems that roon is not interested in customers who bring money into the cash register permanently. They will not get any more money from existing lifetime subscribers in the future.

Oh, Frank…… no offence, but you chose the expensive route because you wanted to support Roon, and now you’re complaining they’re not rewarding you for it? Stick it to the man, buy a lifetime and never think about it again.


No, I will leave as many others.

In the software company where I work, we have in summer also increased subscription prices (very comparable to Roon pricing, though there is no lifetime). A few customers complained, less left, and we have kept growing since then by far more than those who left. Raising the price allows us to continue delivering what customers want, although our costs (salaries, hosting, tools, rent, electricity, etc.) also rose just like they did for everyone else.

My guess is that it will be similar for Roon.


I think the more sensible question would be, in retrospect do Roon wish they had put a small charge on each year?

There are tools and experiences to help judge price elasticity and the churn you get for each rise. I don’t know, but well possible that they ran the numbers.