Leaving your NUC Core with Rock OS on vs WOL

Hey all,

Enjoying the ROCK/Roon experience and thought I would ask the community how they use the set up. Are people mostly just leaving their Nuc Core’s on 24/7? Anyone using a Wake on Lan feature, or turning the core on only when they’re using it? Just wondering from a hardware longevity stand point if leaving the set up on 24/7 has any disadvantages.


Considering the relatively low power consumption of the ROCK NUC I just leave it idle after playback.

Generally these devices suffer more when cycling frequently in different power states. I don’t have any science on hand to back this up though.

My is running 24/7/365 with no probs…instant playback when ordered from remote

I just leave my (fanless) NUC on 24/7. There’s a discussion here about this topic:

A Nuc8i5 uses about 6 watts of power at idle. Leave it on.

Thank you for the replies! It automatically goes into the idle state with inactivity correct—no setting I need to change?

And I am another that leaves it on 24/7/365, NUC8i7, sips electricity and less likely to go wrong IMHO, computers seem to go wrong more often when powering down and up again.

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It clocks itself to the lowest it needs to do what it is doing. It will always use the least amount of power it needs. No settings needed.

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