Lightning strike destroyed my Raid array and music collection

All the way to Reno :grinning:

It’s all been said sorry for the misfortune, it’s a cruel natural world out there

I live in Johannesburg and we get real wonderful lightening storms most days in summer . Too late to advise.

I have UPS on the Roon core Pc and another on the hi fi kit . Everything gets unplugged Even phone lines 2 years ago an ADSL phone cable cost me R 40000 worth of kit when a neighbors tree took a direct hit. Insurance is worth it I got like for like replacement

To add insult to injury I am just having my car and caravan repaired after a savage hail storm literally golf ball sized hail stones. My birthday holiday treat, no garage and cotton wool in a Game Reserve

Yea I am paranoid and back up every day



I bought a 4TB 2.5 inch WD drive to backup my music collection and I do this every 6 months incase my NAS gets struck. I looked into ways of protecting it but nothing seemed worth it so this is my process. I’ve spent weeks ripping cds and I NEVER want to do it again. Sorry for your loss.

with my IT hat on - watch some of those 2.5inch 4TB drivers - not all are that reliable. I stick to 2TB myself.
The ones to check in particular are the Seagate ST4000; WD don’t seem to be as bad but still reports of >1% failures so tiered backup very much applies multiplied by your paranoia squared.

Does 6months mean you never add to your library

6 days is risky, 6 hrs (well) is safe


Even if my WD drive failed I wouldn’t care as its a backup of a raid (also a backup). I would always replace what had broken by the following day. The chance of both breaking at the same time is very very small.

I add to my library weekly and feel every 6 months is sufficient. It’s a NAS in raid 1 so my only risk is fire or strike really and I am happy to risk 6 months worth of new additions.

My added music is always backed up. I rip to my laptop then copy it to Roon. Then I back up occasionally as well to a separate off line hard drive.

This is correct about the term breaking however if a direct hit by lightning, then this logic might not apply.
Either way I hope that neither happens to you.


My main Catalog is on my main PC. I have a backup on a NAS. At first I was pulling my music from the NAS and I was ok with the ability to do this throughout my network. I thought that this was really awesome.

Then reading on the forums there were some who deleted files in Roon and actually deleted the file from their source even after multiple warnings. I understand. Things can happen.

So I added a external USB drive to my core. In doing so my Roon experience was more than twice as fast as pulling from the NAS. It is instant. Now I have a copy in 3 places with one being in a different building.


A direct hit would not matter as I have a backup. My raid would be gone but I have a backup in a draw that lightning can’t do any harm to.

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Think I’ll still stay paranoid , I BU by difference it takes 10 mins a day at most , in fact I’ll do it while I’m reading this !


You never ever think that a raid array is safe enough to not backup your data. PC raid arrays are cheap and not that sophisticated, I have seen million dollar raid arrays have problems. Saving $200 on a backup disk is not worth the pain you will have to go thru to rerip or repurchase your music.

I actually do multiple backups, 1 every hour for changes and every quarter I do a complete backup to another hard drive and then store this drive in a fireproof safe. If the house burns down or I vetted robbed, I have another backup. Also, My backup disks reside on a different computer.

i lost most all of my vinyl in addition to paintings, drawings, negatives, prints etc. in a house fire. i back up my raid array to local disks and to AWS glacier. it can happen people, take care of what you value.

Only a a few weeks back, I decided to setup an online backup for my QNap, and after accidentally deleting what I thought was an empty folder, glad I did!

Like most out there, I have an external drive backing stuff up, but they fail as all drives do at some point.

For those of you with a decent upload speed, I’d recommend something like Backblaze for a simple, cost effective backup solution using the NAS’s built in Cloud backup solution to BB’s B2 Cloud Storage.
It’s working out at a few dollars a month so far.

Also, if you don’t already, I’d definitely use a UPS with USB control so it will protect and if needed shut down the NAS after an extended power cut.

I would also add that using cloud based backup services like backblaze or crash plan or even amazon’s offerings you have to consider the cost and time taken for recovery. Often while a backup is on the surface affordable, restoring is practical for a lot less of your total backup than the whole shebang might be.

Totally agree, but we’re talking a ‘Disaster’ recovery plan. For day to day, I’d always use an external drive so you can quickly retrieve your lost data. But that all goes to pot when your premises get broken into, burns down or a lightning strike destroys all your kit!

Also, Backblaze (and also available from other companies) offer to send out a USB stick or hard drive with all your backups by courier, so you can get up and running in a reasonable time.

At the end of the day, you pays your money etc. etc.

I should have said I run an IT company in the UK and if I had a £100 for every customer that came in with a duff computer and/or hard drive with the infamous comments of “I was going to back it up, but was too busy”, I’d probably be posting this from my yacht in the Cayman Islands!

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