Line-in input as source

While I realize the big win here is meta data, sometimes I like to put something on throughout the house system via a Line-in. The easiest use case for something like this is a record player, but it could also be an airport or Chromecast player.

Are there any provisions or road map for such a thing?

(I’ll tell you what I secretly pine for, an ‘insert’ of sorts where I could send a signal out of line out 1, process it with some compression / EQ, and then put that in line in 1 where that is now sending to the other rooms.)


We call this the “Input Device”. It’s been a longstanding dream of ours to build this kind of networked routing. It’s something we would really like to do at some point.


Well glad to hear it’s on your minds. Seems like it’s a long way off by your reply.

Is there an external roadmap of what we can expect upcoming?

The first thing we must get out the door is Android/iOS tablet support.

As for what comes after that, we are working our way through a huge volume of launch feedback and having lots of discussions with users and potential users. Priorities are still solidifying. Once things become more firm, we will be able to share what’s coming next.

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Great. Thanks for sharing

Bumping this. Now that Roon has DSP, it would be great to pipe my turntable (well, my TT preamp output, through some kind of audio interface) through it to take advantage of room correction, EQ, etc.

@brian Any news on this?

At the moment I can apply DSP to digital sources but not to my TT output (using Bluesound Node 2 which can act as Roon endpoint or can accept analog input). I did try using the Internet Radio facility by running Nicecast (on Mac Mini) and broadcasting the line input as an ‘internet’ 9local network only) station. I worked but the quality was poor (limited to low bitrate MP3).

Having this facility in Roon would be a great improvement - at the moment the only solution I can think of is buying something like miniDSP product but would prefer to use Roon DSP if possible.

Are there any news about being able to pick up an analog signal and to stream it like locally stored music or other digital streams?

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Maybe I should have asked differently… is there any chance that this feature will see the light one day, or has the idea been definitely abandoned?

I’m very interested in this capability too. Please could someone on the Roon Development team give us an update?

Many thanks!


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This is a big missing feature for me and would really extend the capability of Roon!

Any news most appreciated…

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I would like to use rom correction convulsion filter applied by roon on my TV hdmi signal which goes as input into my rme ad-2 dac. So this would be a huuge feature for me because I wont have to use my avr anymore. I got a pretty suboptimal room so room correction is a must for me.

+1 for audio input in one of the next releases.


Audio Input would sure be a nice option. +1


Yep, fours years on, still waiting and hoping!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Another vote for ‘device input’ (line in and USB in). JRiver has an audio live option that allows external inputs. I’d rather see all my music controlled through Roon.
Any updates on a timeline?

I would like to add my voice to the list asking for line in support. I have said this on other threads but more than anything I want Roon to be my single pain of glass that controls my entire life with music. Roon is THE quality audio controller and Vinyl is THE quality audio format even if it is not always so convenient. Please, please, please take steps to support audio in!

I agree since long.
But it is tricky: in the general case, the source and its user interface, whether it is computer-based or vinyl, is far away from the Core where all audio processing is done. So a solution requires that data is fed back from the Roon remote device such as an iPad to the Core, where it is processed and sent out to the desired endpoint. And that doesn’t even handle vinyl, you need an ADC next to the turntable/phono amp, and then sending that digital stream back through a Roon endpoint to the Core.

It is certainly possible that all those components are the same device, that you are sitting by a computer and doing everything there, but that is not the norm, or recommended. And Roon doesn’t want to do a solution that works only in some cases.

So it’s desired but not trivial.

Hmm, that is a good question, how many people are running Roon core devices right next to their main equipment, given how hard Roon pushes dedicated core the number cannot be trivial. Today I am not running a dedicated core but it is clear I need a dedicated core so if I am going to put a dedicated core someplace in the house may as well be with the rest of my stereo equipment. In other use cases, non TT with shared PC as the core, using the 3.5 or digital in on the PC is fine because what you care about is the IN not the location so much. So perhaps you are trying too hard to narrow down how this could work and still be great. Audio IN hardwired to a Roon core that presents itself as a radio station or similar non-indexed audio stream would make most people on this thread ecstatic. Lets not let perfection be the enemy of innovation! People do not need audio IN to route through a Roon endpoint so please do not block this feature on that requirement. Sure it would be nice but not necessary.

+1 I have just been experimenting with a raspberry pi and hifiberry DAC+ ADC , icecast and liquidsoap to get a flac stream from my TT. It works, is it practical not really, massive delay, steep learning curve and prone to not work very easily. Could it sound better? Most likely but it’s pretty damned good for £40 ADC. I am sure there must be a demand for a decent hardware box that can do this but not break the bank, like the Transvinyl does. Nice case, decent ADC with gain controls, decent isolation and easy to run and setup.