Linn Klimax DSM as Roon Core?

I am currently using my MacBook Air as my Room Core 1.5 but I also have a Linn KDSM. Can the Linn Klimax DSM (with latest Daavar) be a Roon Core thereby bypassing the need for the core to live elsewhere?

Also, can my QNAP TS 469-Pro act as the core in the event that that DSM cannot be the core??

No, to my knowledge.

The QNAP you mentioned seems to be underpowered even if the RAM is maxed out:

You’re better off keep using your MacBook Air.

Hey Thx Peter. I noticed in the document that as of 2016 you recommended using a QNAP TVS-471. Do you have a more current recommendation?

And how do you feel about Mac mini vs high end NAS for Roon Core??


That was Roon Labs recommendation, not mine or Lumin’s. :slight_smile:

If you’re happy with your MacBook Air setup then you can continue using that. If you’re prepared to buy new hardware to run Roon Core and leave the MacBook Air for other tasks, consider either Roon Nucleus(+), NUC7i7DNHE running ROCK, or a SonicTransporter:


Sounds good thx

Hey Peter. I just realized that I have a Mac mini that I may be able to use as a Roon Core. I would still leave all the music on my NAS drive. here are the specs. Would this work??

Mac Mini (2011)
2.7ghz Intel Core i7
4GB 1333 Mhz DDR3

Probably. Would be best if you could put and SSD in their. A lot spends on your library size though.

See this for more details.

Hi Chris this would run perfectly i have an mac mini I5 with an SDD inside and it works flawless.
Connected towards an Linn Klimax DS (with the latest davaar) winner combo.

Hey Michael. I have a klimax dsm and the new room integration is great but after uploading Roon perfectly onto my mini it freezes after a couple of minutes and I have to continually force quit. Maybe the the ram needs to be more than 4? The drive is not flash. Ideas??

Backup your data, then reinstall the Mac OS and Roon. If it still freezes, try to find a free means of getting a detailed SMART report from HDD with tens of lines, not just Verified or Failing.

If your have any bad sector on the HDD or DMA errors, replace it with a SSD.