List of updates from Roon on 1.8 issues

I wanted to ensure that responses from the Roon team are easily accessible in one thread; it is hard to keep up to date on every topic/issue.

I am limiting the list to only show issues that are either being investigated by Roon, or are actively being resolved.

I also want to make some distinction between issues that are effecting a minority of users which will require technical support specific to their control/core/endpoint setup, and functionality/behaviour across all users that will either be restored or improved.

Please contribute as and when they are posted. Thank you!

Restoring functionality:

Composer tags:

Focus>Release Date>‘View More’ not displaying:

Tracks>Focus>Import Date>Not working as expected:

iOS>Search Bar>Previous search string not highlighted/replaced with new input:

Android>Roon Radio>Skipped track feedback popup not appearing:

Versions icon>Local library count:

UI layout:

Classical genre page:

Misc Issues:

iOS remotes:

Offline mode:

Feature improvements:

Not as per thread title, but improvement to Roon’s recommendations for artists’ top tracks:

Classical Genres>‘Top Composer’ recommendations:

Artist>In Their Prime>include both local and streaming albums:

Album pages>Artist’s ‘Selected discography’ panel>Library toggle

Patch Notes


Great idea for a thread OP. They should stick this at the top for a while. Good stuff.


Indeed this is a good idea for a thread and does show that Roon listen to their users (within reason as there is a lot of hysterics and toys being flung out of prams).

It strikes me that even with this opening post that most of the pertinent issues have been prioritised.



Nice idea. Thank you!

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A mod should make this thread sticky


Would also like to see this stick in top.

Its good to see Roon Team is unemotionally reacting on some of the things which has been detected since the update.

Thanks for this and Thanks to the Roon Team


Not sure this ones on this list.


Thank you for doing this. I wish that those who feel like they are wandering in the wilderness with no appreciation from Roon for the pain they’re feeling could all read this - I had no idea this many things had already been “accepted” as either defects or quick improvements. This is a lot of the core issues… here’s to fast progress for those who’ve experienced some of what’s rolled out as a downgrade!


Excellent thread, much appreciated.

As someone generally quite pleased with 1.8, the Focus AND/OR issue has been an obvious quirk that needed fixing with 1.8, so very pleased to see the response.

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Hi Simon,

Thank you. I did see that response, but wanted to make some distinction between issues that are effecting some users which will require technical support and functionality/behaviour across all users that will be restored or improved.

But obviously you and anyone else are very welcome to add responses from the Roon team to the thread as you see fit.

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@danny commentary on “in the Prime” artist feature:

Remove “In Their Prime” – it’ ageist, insulting to the artist and ridiculously subjective [not on roadmap] - Roon Software / Feature Requests - Roon Labs Community


Thanks RobOK,

I’ve also been following that thread, but I didn’t add it to my OP as the current response from Roon is only about the renaming of the feature:

But of course, your post is now in the thread and very welcome. :grinning:


Due to a new response from Roon…


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I’m including this recent post in the thread as although it doesn’t address any specific issue it does further indicate our feedback is being read and work is in progress:

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Also you can simply track all posts from moderators group and pay attention to the comments highlighted in yellow:


What a relief these answers are! And thank you for the overview.


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