Listening test albums

Hi @andybob

Here are a couple of my listening tests.

Quartet No. 7

Symphony No. 1, first movement

I can’t distinguish these instruments.




Thanks for this, sadly, I don’t think either of these albums are on a streaming service. I’ll keep digging and maybe buy them.

The Beethoven quartets were recorded in live session at the library of congress in about 1963 on a two track Sony 1601 digital recorder (44.1 kHz 16 bit). It seems like someone would have made a CD set out to of the digital masters (before CD’s were in vogue :-)). I’m guessing that is what these

are where CD’s came from. But just look for a Julliard String Quartet of the full set of Beethoven string quartets… that only did the full series once.

BTW the vinyl I bought was NM M-

This is the Beethoven symphony track on Roon

Beethoven: Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21 - 1. Adagio molto - Allegro con brio

Hi Dan,
This is the post and thread I was referring to in our chat today. What I was trying to say is that DSD is Pulse Density Modulation whilst a class D amp output to the power transistors is Pulse Width Modulation. Not very different at all.

Further up the thread you’ll find reference to the Lynx speakers Jussi was working on with a manufacturer. They accept up to DSD 128, convert to Pulse Width Modulation and drive inbuilt power transistors with it. Jussi didn’t take up my invitation to comment about the way they sound. He generally restricts his comments to whether something is mathematically accurate or not.

Thanks @andybob