Loading convolution filters from a mobile device

It would be great if you could load convolution filters from a mobile device (ex: iPhone).

Apps like HouseCurve can generate room correction filters based on measurements with an iPhone. It would be slick if users could save the filter to the device and then load using the Roon app. Right now, users have to transfer the filter to a desktop to load (as documented here).

Full disclosure, I am the author of HouseCurve. I’ve had several users ask me about this, so I’m passing along the request :slightly_smiling_face:


Should these votes be combined since they are essentially asking for the same thing?

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The scope for this request is much more limited than my request. I personally would not combine them.

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Good point.

It would be great if Roon would at least allow the user to use a tablet/phone to select a convolution filter(s) saved on a drive to which Roon has access. Having to boot up a PC I rarely use just to load a convolution filter is a royal pain. :confounded:

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I would like to address my support to Greg‘s great idea and would be happy if this feature will accessible from my mobile phone or iPad.


Great idea! Would make things really easy for the end users. Right now, I share the files to an iCloud Drive folder and then zip them up and then load them on my MacStudio Core.

That being said, if we are using multiple resolution filters, it would be nice if HouseCurve just created the zip file to make this feature request for Roon even easier.