Logitech Harmony integration

Is there any way the devs and integrate the logitech harmony hub to use as a control along with their native app for actions like choose device to play on, play/pause, next/previous track, change playlist and maybe a button for random track???

I’m not talking about all the options out there, just some of the basics to navigate and play music


While not as slick as total integration would be, if you’re moderately technical to achieve the setup, it works very well.

Thx Larry,

I posted in feature requests because if I’m not mistaken the logitech control system is pretty popular on here and with 90% of my friends and family to control everything from blinds to their home theater systems. I think it is a fair request to ask for it to be integrated into the roon ecosystem.

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Ropieee supports the flirc remote (~$15 usb dongle).

Plug and play harmony remote support.

Can’t do anything 'crazy" but will give you play/pause next and previous

Here’s my thinking, you walk into your listening room, you use the remote to turn on your sound system, roon, adjust the lighting, lock the doors send out a msg to whoever you want through IFTT that you are relaxing and don’t want to be bothered and can set your phone to silent or whatever else you want to do when you enjoy your music. All at the touch of a button.

Hell you can even ur the Google assistant to interact with harmony and use voice commands

“Hey google, turn on Listen to Roon”

Is the second thing I do every night when I get home.

(“Hi, honey” is always first, she gets jealous of the google-box lol)

I just feel it should be baked into roon with no add ons which is why I posted it in feature requests

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Totally agree. I didn’t mean to imply your request was not valid in anyway, just offering a possible workaround/current solution.

However, the number of community feature requests being implemented isn’t so high in my 18 months experience. Roon guys have said the tiny fraction that frequent and post on the community forum is so small a fraction of their subscribers that our requests really don’t carry much wait. Of course, some requests to distill to the top of the priority list and for this I’m grateful…but reality is many will not ever make the list.

I’m not saying the the team ignores them, not all all, but from their perspective they are running a business and I bet the wish list is nearly always longer than could be fulfilled in a few lifetimes.

I would like Amazon Alexa integration but it was tested and discounted a couple years ago as not practical. I still hope it happens sometime in the future.

I believe logitech harmony integration would not only be good for roon by preparing for the future but I am guessing if they asked the wider community about these types of ecosystem improvements, they would see it as something that will add functionality and convenience to roon.

Personally I don’t know anyone anymore who uses the remote they got with their TV, everyone uses integrated remotes or voice control


+1 I also would like to see this.

Is Roon providing an API? In such a case one could write an agent receiving events from Logitech HUB and send events into Roon. I’ve found a project in GitHUB that could maybe be reused in that way. https://github.com/RoonLabs/node-roon-api

Yes and you already found it on GitHub. :wink:

Already done (Kudos to Adam_Goodfellow for that). For further details please follow the link in
the second post in this thread.

But this is not what Gil_Wertheim is talking about.

Everything (home theater, stereo, lights etc.) in my house is integrated with Logitech Harmony. I tried GitHub but couldn’t run it.
I’m going to try Flirc now.
But it is much better to integrate and support the direct Logitech Harmony.