Logitech Harmony Remote Control - Solution Found (I think)

If anybody is interested:

I purchased an inexpensive product called Flirc (the rev. 2).
It works perfectly with Logitech Harmony remotes and may be programmed with a keyboard to store key sequences or single keystrokes that may be programmed into the Harmony remote. It seems this is a perfect solution for my desire to use my Logitech remote with Roon. I just started the Flirc programming but so far everything works perfectly.
I can even program the Alt-Tab to switch from Jriver when watching a movie to Roon for music.

There is a an extension that allows harmony hub/remote to control Roon.

I’ll look again -
It was some time back when I looked at it last but not all commands were supported then and Windows wasn’t quite there yet. All that may be in place now so the solution may be for a problem that did not entirely exist. Story of my life. :slight_smile:

Well at least I can now swap between running computer programs with my Harmony or most anything else that I may want to use in the Windows shortcut list. It makes swapping between JRiver and Roon easier since I don’t need a keyboard to do so.

Thanks simon_arnold

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Hi, kind of newbie- can you elaborate on ‘an extension that allows harmony hub/remote to control Roon’? Thanks! I have the harmony hub/remote and use a Nucleus as my Core.

Works great but you’ll need another machine on your network to host the extension. A RPi will do it fine. DietPi includes Extension Manager ready to install via their menu…

Easiest way to get started with Extensions is Extensions Manager. Deep Harmony can be installed via it’s menus with no fuss.