Logitech TRANSPORT sound quality

The human mind is a powerful device. It can imagine almost anything. Hearing is really done in the mind, so it’s possible that it’s just the way your mind is convinced it should hear what you’re listening to.

But I guess the other thing that could be happening is that the Logitech output is distorting the sound in some way you find pleasing. After all, people still enjoy the sound induced by dragging needles through the grooves in a vinyl platter, though there’s no logical reason they should. It’s because of the associations triggered in their minds.

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Not many opportunities to mess with the audio within LMS other than the standard volume levelling/crossfade type controls.

It is possible to change the Transporter’s DAC roll-off filter via LMS, but in my subjective testing I’ve never honestly been able to pick up any difference. I’ve never tested it exhaustively, mind you.

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Agreed volume should be 100% and fixed.


Thanks everyone for putting your thoughts on this post.

First of all, I do hope Roon streaming through Transporter has at least same sound quality vs LMS. I like the way Roon playlist stuff and I really hope I can make some changes to improve it so that I can purchase lifetime membership. So my mind is inclined to have Roon as same/or better sound… Really sad to hear the actual output of Roon streaming …

It is mysterious why streaming through Roon gets worse sound quality. I don’t really expect that since Roon is famous for it’s sound quality if setup correctly.

Previously I used the Transporter as my pre for 2 channnel music and it was fantastic even with volume controlled by the Transporter. Recently the analog output (this is a ModWright model with tube analog output) is faulty due to one of the tube which I plan to get it fixed in a month or so. Therefore now I connect spdif out from Transporter to my AV Pre. Anyhow I mean the digital volume control on the Transporter is really good that I can’t hear the difference to full volume. While the sound quality difference between Roon and LMS is pretty obvious.

compare LMS & Roon using fixed volume output. do you still feel LMS sounds better?

also, if you ever decide to get rid of the modwright…

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Changing from volume control to fixed volume on Roon settings for the transporter, I don’t find difference. At least not the level of the difference that I find switching from Roon to LMS.

I’ve ordered minidsp SHD. I will test using the SHD as Roon stream player/Pre to connect to my power amp directly VS SHD+Arcam Pre VS LMS Transporter+Arcam.

Well, that exactly looks like mine. Maybe the photo is from the previous owner :stuck_out_tongue:

The rectifier tube burnt. I’ve ordered new one.

The sound of it through LMS is actually pretty good.

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That one is mine. Had it for about eleven years.

Its not currently Roon Ready so you might be wasting your money there, as it wont work.

Before setting to fixed ensure the volume was set to 100% when using device volume or it will just use that level as fixed.

It’s using same rectifier and tubes.

BTW, my rectifier blown up which also damaged the board a bit. I’ve emailed Mr. Wright and he kindly sent me the circuit board diagram that I will be able to fix it myself.
He also advised the EML 5U4G tubes did have a short life! An even better tube that is NOT expensive, is the 5R4-G, 5R4-GY or 5R4-GYS. Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio charges a premium for the 5R4-GYS, but the other two are the same tube and are much cheaper.

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Dan is a good guy :+1:

I’ve had good results shopping at the tube store dot com, albeit not for those specific tubes.

I have two Transporters as well and I hear no difference between LMS and Roon. I would have thought I was the only person in the world to have 2 and was surprised to hear someone is using the same 2014 Mac Mini LOL.


I have two transporters. One in use and one as a backup.


Wonderful things. I noticed there are a number of BNiB SE units available on ebay from the US at $450 a pop. Fantastic value.

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They are great but technology moves on. Streaming to a RAAT supported Oppo 203 in my main and have a Transporter there as well. Know that the controls only work on a subset of the API between Roon and the Transporter if you are serious about buying one.

I see that people are selling Oppo 203 and 205’s at ir near MSRP. Understandable but still a better investment I think.

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Agree. If I was starting down the Roon path and didn’t already own players (like myself, a long-time LMS user with Transporters and lots of Touch/Radio/Boom players), I’d recommend that the person acquire a roon-ready unit.

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I have two of each, eight total; what’s finally led me to start looking at alternatives is the built-in WiFi is showing its age, and has problems connecting to my eero network. in a few instances i’ve been able to run ethernet, but not to all zones.

the Bluesound Node 2(i) is a good solution as a streamer, but i’m not enamored of its sound. i’d like to find a non-RPi solution, ~the Node’s price point, that supports USB out, and has robust WiFi.


Some updates here. My MiniDSP SHD came a bit later after Roon trial period expired (I cancelled it on the last day).

SHD came with bulit in Volumio which is a super crapy product to me. It just stared to scan my music library (well, my LMS folder) and hung. Also the Tidal plugin is really basic, similar to LMS (yet it was 10 year+ product). Sound quality from SHD/Volumio seems pretty close to ChromeCast Audio/or the Roon+Transporter setup, I mean it lacks some hi-end feeling.

However SHD still provides good outcome in reg to crossover/PEQ stuff. Very happy with that. Interesting though I don’t like the ‘Dirac’ calibrated sound, it feels a bit more ‘flat’.

I’m now still using LMS/Transporter and use AES to connect to SHD.

Later once SHD is certified as Roon ready, I’ll see if I can get a chance to test Roon again.