Looking For Your Opinion

Really, did you even bother to read the link I first gave you?

No? Let’s try again -

Bottom line - your Xeon is probably too slow for upsampling to DSD256. I can get DSD256 out my dual Xeon, but DSD512 results in the same symptoms you complain about.

An excerpt from the above link -

Thanks for everyone’s help.I just don’t understand how last night and all day today upsampling to dsd 256 working perfectly without a hiccup.

Maybe not the case here but in my world that usually means that there has been a software update somewhere that requires a firmware update on a piece of gear. For a thorough look at hi-res audio concepts and the pros and cons of upsampling and such things, The Recording Academy (Grammy folks) have created a document that was created by a committee of folks who very likely have created much of your favorite music along with consultation from many active creators of hi-res music.