Lumin U1 mini transport

I installed the beta version and it works like a charm.

I know volume control with a digital output it isn’t giving me the best sound quality but it is a lot more convenient than using a second app/remote besides the Lumin/ROON app. My speakers have a digital coax input and everything is handled/processed in the speaker. I will compare both and see/hear if there is a big difference.

Thanks again for the quick response, even in the weekend.

Lumin U1 MINI review:

just bought an U1 Mini (to replace an Aries femto)
letting it play now: sound is very clean e detail is good but… hope the “digititis” :no_mouth: goes away with some burn-in

the (iOS) app is not that intuitive (compared to Lightning DS) :frowning:
still not sure about some settings nor 100% sure only way to access my NAS is enabling UPnP instead of having the Lumin directly read (via Samba file path) files on it (as the Aries was doing)

not fond of the non-destructive play queue (maybe there’s a setting for this too I haven’t found yet)
also… looks it is not yet Roon certified, right?

Assuming you’re not using Roon, but using Lumin app instead, you need to install MinimServer in the NAS, then choose MinimServer in the Library selection of Lumin app.

Lumin players have no way to read music files over SMB.

Lumin app playlist is indeed non-destructive.

If you use Roon (this is Roon forum anyway) SMB and non-destructiveness should not be a concern.

We are actually certified, but it always takes some time to get false alarm status updated.

Are you connecting the DAC using USB? Please also try AES (or others) to see if which sounds better.

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Twonky runs also flawlessly with my Linn Akurate and the Lumin App, which is way better than Kazoo. I still enjoy using the app, even though I mainly head for Roon. But: It seems difficult to get a Lumin here and the U1 MINI sounds verry interestig, right now where I am looking for an additional streamer. @wklie Do you know where to buy a Lumin U1 mini in Germany?

thank you Peter

yes: even though I’m (obviously) a Roon user, I also installed MinimServer yesterday and all is working fine :slight_smile:
had an hard time, afterwards, figuring out how to go back to Qobuz (on an iPhone the icon is “hidden”: one must scroll to find it and… took a while to figure I had to scroll: only got there after using my iPad instead) :roll_eyes:
still some settings are quite obscure (eg. Lumin streaming… what is this?): what about a user guide? :wink:

yes: DAC connected via USB (I have “some” DSDs) with an ISO Regen, powered by an LPS-1.2, in-between. letting the Mini play continuously to see if the sound “rounds” :wink:

Please contact our distributor in Germany:

Thank you.

I agree this is indeed obscure. It means AirPlay.

Please visit our web site for app usage:

There is another page that describes most of the settings:

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thank you once more Peter :slight_smile:

just a few more questions:

  • is there a preferred USB port for the DAC?
  • no unit’s Serial #?
  • what is “Status Code”?
  • with the Aries, in Audio and Zones, Roon was showing both steamer and DAC (Aries and Vega). with the U1 Mini looks it only “sees/shows” the streamer :no_mouth:
    is this just temporary 'till the unit shows as Certified?
  • No preference, but in case you hear a difference I’d like to know about it
  • Serial number is printed on a label that is underneath the unit and on the box
  • For diagnosis only
  • This is expected, not temporary
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let the Mini play continuously for 72hours (so far) and… looks the digital glare is (almost) gone :slight_smile:
… or I got used to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I dare to say it is on par with (or extremely close to) the Aries femto I’ve been using in this last couple of years
if not really there yet… I’m very confident it will be even better once I’ll power it from a good LPS (which I plan doing pretty soon :wink: )

Lumin… :+1:


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not sure it’s a good idea :no_mouth:
letting Roon see the DAC means Zone settings’ defaults are adjusted accordingly to DAC’s capability, not to streamer’s :wink:

tried the U1 Mini, over the WE, in my secondary system @GF’s (it was sounding phenomenal, there, right from the start!) so… found what the issue in my main system was :roll_eyes:

back home, plugged the Vega DAC into a balanced isolation transformer and the Lumin U1 Mini in its own, separate from everything else, power strip and whilst at it also grounded it: sounds phenomenal here too! :slight_smile:

What exactly was changed? Two separate balanced isolation transformers? Do you mean you did something to ground the U1 MINI - where is it grounded to?

Mini was plugged to the same power strip the Vega was
(Vega’s manual says, indeed, it is very sensitive to “noisy power” and advices to plug it to a dedicated socket/power strip)

so I moved Vega to the balanced isolation transformer (Alpha Core BP-30) that was already powering pre (Taurus Pre) and power amplifier (First Watt J2) and Mini to a separate, dedicated, power strip (plugged into a separate wall socket). grounded the Mini to the same power strip (using just the earth pin of a schucko plug)

It should no longer show a false alarm of being uncertified. Please check.

oh, sorry Peter: forgot to say the Mini is now fully certified (Roon 1.5 build 360) :slight_smile:

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Anyone compared the U1 Mini to an Audio Alchemy DMP-1? I’m guessing not but thought I’d ask. Happy with my system but have been wondering about my streamer.

Are you using AES output to Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA?

Looking at the photo showing the internals of your streamer I guess we have an advantage. However, if you’re using WiFi, I need to tell you that our products require a LAN connection.

Yes, I’m using an AES output to the Berkeley DAC ( not the reference BTW) and a LAN connection to the Audio Alchemy. Do you feel the U1 Mini will be a noticeable step up bearing in mind the Audio Alchemy has all the functionality I need?