Make Roon work with Unraid by providing an official docker or something else

A Roon docker has worked well for me on an Unraid NAS, until I do an update, at which point the install is ruined. I have a feeling that it is not that hard to do since there are about 10 or 20 Roon dockers available written by individuals.

The SongKong owner made a SongKong docker for Unraid in about 1 day.
Can’t you just modify the one you made for Synology?

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Best solution is to drop Docker like the hot garbage it is and run Roon in a real VM. IMNSHO, anyway…

Yeah. I am desperate for a solution. I guess I will have to learn how to do VMs in Unraid NAS. Or just run Roon Core on my regular windows desktop, and move all my music to the desktop. :frowning: (This frown icon does not look sad enough. Looks stupefied instead of sad.)

Have you had a number of bad experiences with dockers, that generally worked better in VMs?

Containers at work have been nothing but headaches. We pretty much do full VMs for everything, as it is ultimately much easier to manage. Especially if using orchestration tools like Chef.

Unraid supports qemi/kvm so should be pretty straight forward to instantiate. I’ve never personally used Unraid, however. But there is a chap on YouTube with a channel called “Spacerinvader One” that does excellent how-to videos for all things Unraid. If you run into problems, I’d highly recommend checking out his channel.

Why just point the core where ever you run it to the music share on the unraid system…not that hard to do

Spacerinvader One” Does have many excellent videos.

Maybe dockers will get better in the future. They sound like a good concept.

If I put my Roon core on my Windows desktop I would also put my music there because Roon recommends that the music be on the same machine as the core.

I run a larger library on a NAS no issues at all. 250k tracks and my core is a mock on i7-7700

What is a mock?

Rock on unsupported non NUC harware

Are you running 1GB ethernet between the two machines?

This is primarily for library auto-updates. SMB is very unreliable when it comes to notification of directory/file changes. So you add new music on the NAS, and Roon might not see it right away and instead require you to go in and force a library scan (or wait for the normal periodic scan). Personally, this is not an issue for me; I actually prefer to add stuff, make sure its all in the right place, etc, and then force the manual scan so it gets added once and correctly.

Using a NAS is perfectly fine. Like @wizardofoz, I have my music stored on my NAS and the Roon Core on a separate, dedicated machine (I do not run ROCK, however, as I prefer to have management over the system and I’m an old Unix guy). So long as they are both connected via wired Ethernet, you will be fine. (Ethernet speed really doesn’t matter – even the highest of hi-resolution audio files only equates to about 50Mbit/s…)

This request was made a couple of years back. Here’s @danny’s take on the matter. As long as the current docker images are high quality enough, it seems like it’d make sense: who wants to deal with the support nightmare that not only comes with homebuilt NAS’, but also with users insisting that the underpowered hardware in commercial NAS’ is just fine ? There’s a pretty damn good supported progression of core possibilities depending on where you fit on the technical / disposable time / disposable wealth continuum, from the commercial OS apps to ROCK to Nucleus. Then you have the unsupported stuff - now that we’ve got Roon Controller on coffee machine running, I’d love to see Roon Core on toaster, but I wouldn’t want to put that on RoonLabs’ plate.

As an aside, I’ve been using Roon-on-Docker-in-UnRaid for over two years. I don’t remember having to reinstall once, and it’s been rock-solid (ha!). FWIW, I use the one @RonCH built, and I’m not entirely sure why my experience is that different from @cwichura’s - could be dumb luck, could be because Limetech’s implementation is good, could be down to hardware, I just don’t know.

I can only speak from my personal experience but I set up a Docker on Unraid a few weeks ago with absolutely zero hassle and it has been working flawlessly ever since.

I’m not even all that tech savvy, but it just worked after the initial set up. Was such a breeze after the hassle I had with other Dockers and other music servers.

Ultrafud , Same for me. It worked great after I first installed it. It’s only when I did an update that it would crash. I would be very interested to hear how you fare after doing one update and after doing a second update.

Wizard of Oz and chicura, thank you for your info. It’s good to see I have another choice that will work if the docker will not.

I’ll keep an eye on it, but I haven’t had any issues so far.

Any updates on the impact of doing updates, for Roon on Docker on Unraid? Is update working OK?

I’ve been running Roon ROCK on a supported NUC for a few years (media storage in the NUC), it’s been bulletproof. Recently added a beefy Unraid NAS to my home lab, am looking to collapse dedicated devices like the Roon ROCK into the NAS.

Initial setup using the CA apps plugin to install Roon from xthursdayx’s CA app repository went smoothly, but given the issues mentioned in this thread I’m wondering if there is deferred pain around updates?

The NAS has the grunt to run VMs easily, but TBH I prefer the simplicity of Docker for something like Roon that has zero need to access hardware, and already has working Dockers according to “the internet”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to report back that the Unraid Roon docker has worked good for me, including 4 or 5 updates. Check out the unraid forum.