Making Roon more like physical media

I have been giving this a lot of thought… IMHO, one of the key features of physical media is that you’re forced to grab an album to play, and more often than not we play the entire album. Another feature is the visibility of it all - clutter adds in rediscovery of good stuff. A very important one - to me - is album art.

For starters, I have one suggestion:
In the “Sort By” pulldown, add a “shuffle” or “random” sort. So for example, if I go into Albums view, and I focus on Blues not Played in the last year, I would like to go to the Sort By toggle and choose “random” or similar.

I think this is a fairly simple feature request… If this thread becomes hot, I (or anyone else obviously) bring other forms of adding the features of clutter to the Roon experience.


Perhaps I’ve misunderstood, but why would you need this when there is the Shuffle play action on that screen?

I’ve gone to Albums and used Focus for +Blues and -Played in the last Year.

Because I don’t just want to shuffle all of the tracks that came up. I want a shuffled view of all my albums with the focus I chose, and then decide I want to play that album I used to play in the summer of 2007 because it became visible in the shuffle and play that.

I care a lot about playing albums and I (fergodsake!!!) DO NOT want my album tracks shuffled.

There’s an old thread - but still current - about this

The thread also mentions a Roon extension which “may help if you’re feeling adventurous”.

Will look at that, if anything to understand how that works.

But I don’t just want to shuffle all albums… I want the shuffle to dig up something I don’t see in the sea of albums. And then I would like to pick that album I had forgotten about, or that I never listened to but looks interesting and somehow is in my library, and play just that.

Does anyone know if it might be possible to do this via an extension?

You don’t have all your albums sorted alphabetically? :slight_smile:

No. But even if I did, this would make it BETTER than clutter-finding.

I get what you are saying having just switched from an external to an internal HD on my ROCK, the album sorting got all messed up (date added and most played). Which is okay because it forced me to discover things I’d forgotten about. So a random album sort (or artist) would help get away from the always feeling stuck at the beginning of the alphabet syndrome.

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