Mambo LS DAC+ on Pi - which build?

I have a Pi 3 with an iqaudio dac+ which I have been using with the iqaudio supplied roon bridge build.
I have now bought a Mambo LS DAC+ and as a first step just swapped the DACS over to see if it would carry on being seen by roon. This didn’t work so I am presuming that I need to use a different build for the Mabo DAC.
On the Mambo site they have images for some software players but not for roon, so I was wondering which build and set of instructions (I know nothing about Linux or Builds) I should use to get this working in the easiest way possible.
I use windows as my main OS.


While HifiBerry and IQAudio offer a (certified) RoonReady image for their HATs, for other boards you will need to run Linux with a manual installation of Roon Bridge on your Pi.

You can follow this step-by-step guide for a Raspbian/Roon Bridge installation.

I’m not sure which overlay needs to be configured for your MamboBerry – you’ll have to consult DAC’s documentation for that.

Thanks very much for that Rene. DAC documentation = Null. So that won’t take long :slight_smile:
I guess it will be trial and possibly a lot of errors…

I followed your great instructions and HifiBerry is the recommended overlay.

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And now the important part: how does it sound? :slight_smile:

Early days but more control than the IQAudio DAC, definitely better bass control, less bloom in the room. Feeding into a naim pre-amp, exposure power amp and Shahinian speakers.

Hi, sorry to bring an old thread back to life, but did you mean the HiFiberry Roon Ready Image works with the Mambo LS Dac+ ? The Dac maker recommended using HiFiBerry’s Roon image?

I’m hoping you answer ‘yes’ because the LS Dac+ design looks fantastic.

Reply from the collybia team

When you receive your DAC, you must simply choose hifiberry driver(the simple one, not digi+ or anything else)and you will be fine!

Thank you for your order and trust!

Kind regards,

Emilios Ermidis
Collybia Team.

That’s awesome.

What power supply are you using? I guess the options are endless with the 5Vdc 2.1mm plug input.

I use the ifi power supply but I’m not sure I noticed the difference :slight_smile:
The dac is very good especially considering the price.

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Definitely great value. Happy listening mate :slight_smile: