Meridian Equipment

You mustn’t have been very impressed then if you think their “true gift” was spinning off Sooloos. DSP, digital actives (from 1980s) etc.

That’s surprising, speaking as someone who has listened to all manner of hifi since the 80s. So what did you listen to then that was disappointing?

My first listen was one of their higher-end CD players (not in the context of a full system), back in the early 00’s, against a CD12, at a dealer’s, and with my own material. The CD12 trounced it, and not in a funny way. I later listened to a disc-based full system. That didn’t leave a lasting impression either.

mmm a little vague if you are to condemn their entire range…somewhat predictable. So now we have the context for your comment. Thank you.

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Indeed, I wasn’t.