Mesh network or not - what if I want to force 5Ghz?

the Sonos are half and half but are rock solid reliable after early issues between SonosNet and Mesh network (long since sorted, but it was fun getting there).

Ok, I’ll try to stop hijacking this thread for networking head-nodding. But… I gotta say, yes - SonosNet is amazing, but that’s what happens when you purpose-build a technology for a use-case. It’s literally what happens if you try to design a wireless networking protocol and antennas for the sole purpose of carrying synchronized largely uni-directional traffic and minimize likelihood of drop-outs. It would be terrible at carrying a phone call (bi-directional). But it is absolutely rock-solid for the purpose. And they have capped the resolution of the files (first at 44/16 and now at 44/24 only for local) in part because of processing but mostly because you can’t achieve all the goals of SonosNet consistently if you drive more data across the network. It’s magic, but it’s purpose-built. It’s NOT WiFi. But it is awesome. But just because Sonos works via SonosNet in your house doesn’t mean that WiFi should work for carrying music to a Roon endpoint in your house. Totally different technology (ok, not 100% totally, but really really different in important ways)

[/Pet_peeve - people and advertisers who call their internet service WiFi; people who call SonosNet WiFi, they call anything where data gets between here and there WiFi. My aunt says “I couldn’t get WiFi” when she means she couldn’t get cell service. I wish I didn’t sound holier than thou, just it’s confusing - to me it’s like if you called your bicycle your “car”]

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Well I can safely say that at six days and counting, the Tp-Link M4 Deco is working flawlessly. Zero dropouts, zero lag, zero issues with Raspberry Pi 4, Roku’s, PS4, TV’s, Ring doorbell, chimes, cameras, garage door opener, phones… Everything works perfectly, is responsive and fast.

It’s also nice to read in several reviews that this is one of the least expensive setups, yet also has some of the better speeds, even at the nodes vs some of the more expensive systems.

And to assist a bit more in security, I’m running DNS server settings in the main unit (router).


Mines also behaving very well, no lost connections from Roon and when I turned on the bedroom Deco this morning it connected itself back into the mesh without issue (although the app did moan last night when I turned it off! :blush: )

The system reconfigures itself when it notices a node drop. Don’t know why you would turn it off though. There’s nothing there that harms anyone. If that were the case, we’d all be screwed years ago with all of the radio waves saturating the atmosphere. It’s just a myth. Scientists and doctors proved that years ago.

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I know, I totally know… crazy… :joy::woozy_face:

Apple airports have been good to a degree, but frequent drop outs when playing music over WiFi from my iPad etc to cabled Roon/amp, it was time for me to think again.

I have just replaced an older Apple time machine with their last model, that was much taller and slimmer (not sure of the version) and bought the last ever version of AirPort Extreme, all cabled up, feeding other Airport express v 2 around the house.

I had to factory reset and add each Apple, one at a time, the end result is a solid cable connection to my nucleus+ and Arcam SA30 and a solid WiFi to the iPad, iMac etc to play Roon.

It was nowhere as easy as it should have been, and no, Apple no longer support, but having read as many positive reviews about modern mesh technology as I have bad, I thought I would stick with what I knew - Apple, and upgrade my older Airports etc.

Finger crossed, when I wake up tomorrow, everything will still be working…:+1:

I will say, apple has been surpassed by the specialists in terms of performance. It’s true the interface is better-ish, but the Eero interface is quite simple. And it’ll work

Yes the 3 pack of EERO pro made it for our house. I used the simple setup, did not change any of the proposed settings and the network behind a router from the ISP (router WiFi deactivated) works flawless. No dropouts on three RPi (a v2, v3, and v4) that connect in different rooms through WiFi to the EEROs when playing 24/192k hires served by Roon. I can really recommend them.