Metadata and Tags

Sorry if this has been asked before, once Roon identifies an album and assigns the correct artwork etc is that information written to the file tags or just it just exist in the roon database server? If I were to stop using Roon would any updated tags be available or do I lose any updates made within the Roon software? If it’s in the Roon database only is there a way to export this information?

I believe it’s in your Roon Database, hence the importance of backing it up.

Roon does not modify your files in any way.

If you stop using Roon, and have made edits in Roon, then you should export the files in your music library to a secondary storage location. During the Export process, Roon will insert basic metadata into the exported files.

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Is there a way to export the whole library rather than one album or artist at a time?

Yes, of course. Just select as many Albums as you want to export at a time. If you right-click on an album in the Album browser, you’ll see a menu bar at the top of the screen with “1 selected” on the left. Click on the down arrow next to that, and you can select all the albums in your library.

If you want to select a subset, then right click on the albums you want to include in the selection. Roon follows the same convention as Windows File Explorer - select the first in a range, shift-right-click the last album in the range, and all the albums between will be selected.

CTRL-A is the keyboard shortcut to select all.