Metadata Fields

Okay, so I’ve spent some time looking for answers to no avail. Can I add composer, conductor & orchestra fields?

Not in Roon. You’ll need to use another application to manage your ID3v2 tags.

This functionality may come with a later release of Roon, but that’s in the future - after the release of Roon 1.2.

Please recommend at least one tag editor for Windows and/or OS X users!


works with all types of files, including dsf-not just mp3.

It’s down to personal choice, and there’s plenty to choose from:

Personally, I happen to use MediaMonkey in combination with the File Explorer shell extensions of dbPoweramp.

I use a variety of programs which each have different virtues. Recently I’ve tried mp3Tag but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Jriver is the program that I use most often for commercially released music and for bootlegs Foobar w/ “Live Show Tagger” is pretty awesome. Jriver allows for various categories such as composer, conductor & orchestra. Live Show Tagger automatically tags files from a properly formatted text file.

Speaking of bootlegs a program that I find indispensable is “AudioTester” which allows one to drag and drop a folder into it and it then analyzes the files to see if any are corrupt.

When editing tags on OS X my favorite is Metadatics.

I have several Windows tag editors that I use but my primary editor is MP3tag.
It is simple to use for simple tasks, has basic lookups and has never once caused me any corruption problems. You can add new tag fields quite simply. If you really need it, there is a very powerful Regular Expressions Editor that lets write your own macro programs to automate a process in depth.

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I love Helium, the way it works with bulk tag editing, creating tags fom file names, etc. is awesome.

Knowing Sooloos I understand where the disrespect of Roon for customers’ tagging abilities comes from, Sooloos is even worse and does not take care of any existing tagging. As if all customers were idiots… I would like to invite Roon people to trust more in our abilities and to be more open to existing tagging during import.

There is a good reason why ID tags contain “Album Artist” and “Artist”. A more granular control over Roon metadata would be highly appreciated to customize the collection to our needs.

Having said that I’d like to add how fantastic the Roon UI and the integration of Tidal are. Excellent job !!!