Metadata lookup tools

Looks good. Would like to try it. Good luck with the development.

Ok, that is fair. The problem , as you stated, is that there needs to be a better source for information. The goal of my app and project is not to create a new website and database. There are already multiple sources with better information than MusicBrainz. The problem is that they are not focused on consumers and can only be accessed through their APIs.

I am providing a simple interface to easily search these sources and view the results. No programming necessary. No need to search each source individually and then compare. This app is not about keeping and maintaining a database, just giving people access to the many databases and APIs that exist already so that MusicBrainz and Discogs are not their only hopes for finding data.

I am not sure what you mean by this. MusicBrainz already allows additions to their database from any user with an account. Or were you saying have my app submit to MusicBrainz? Thanks

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Yeah, I would be totally interested. Roon doesn’t find so much metadata for my Taste of Music. Thank’s

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I advise you to take a look at Tagscanner (TagScanner - The Ultimate Tag Editor) with discogs integration.
I’ve been using this for years now to tag my albums.

Their Discogs integration through the Discogs API is the absolute best part and the discogs information exceeds all other musicdatabases… (especially for (electronic) music on vinyl discogs is unrivaled)

A tool similar like this would be awesome!

please do mind that for vinyl rips a manual check to verify order / correct release is always needed…

What I meant is for users to be able to add more detailed information into MusicBrainz, but I just had a look again at their interface and realise this is already possible.

That means that user generated information is perhaps not quite enough to get the IMDB for music I mentioned. There are so many ‘track relations’ missing in the database. Things such as producer names, session musicians on tracks, if tracks sample, or are covers of, other tracks etc.

I love Roon, but it doesn’t offer so much of this kind of information. Albums rely on the written reviews, and any names mentioned there, to create relationships for albums. It would be AMAZING if I could click on a track in Roon and see who played on it, and whether it sampled another track, and be able to quickly link to that one (this use case was something I wanted to do recently when I couldn’t quite remember where a sample came from).

There are multiple sources online that could fill in this information if they were combined. Sites like provide some of the solution to the specific problem I mention. Could you turn your project into something more like a database filler? i.e. not just a one way search tool, but a tool that could combine information from many API sources and then submit them to MusicBrainz, effectively filling in their missing database?

That MusicBrainz is the closest thing we have to a centralised goto source for ‘everything’ is a shame. But the value of that database could be increased massively with some community work.

Just a thought anyway.

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one extra vote for whosampled!
that is a goldmine

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oh, ok that makes more sense :slightly_smiling_face:
I agree that it would be cool to be able to link all of that data together. is great and has a ton of data but their API is very expensive. So that is a no go right now. I would have no problem adding something similar though if I could find a good source. Or if you find one, let me know.

Hi, would be great. I’ll be part of it, if possible.

Got a backlog of tagging to do here. Holding off till you have something you’d like us to try.

I appreciate the enthusiasm! :grin: I will try to get something out by this weekend, but I no promises. It would be just what I have so far, which is SpotifyAPI access to all of its endpoints and then the credits search. The bad news is I had to back-track a bit, but the good news is the reason why. I went ahead and paid to be an apple developer so that I could get access to the AppleMusic API. I was using the iTunes API before, and it has all the same information, but the AppleMusic API has a whole bunch of new endpoints that link things together and one to get their massive sized cover art.

if you dont mind, list a few of the new albums you have so I can test with them.

I would be very happy to monetarily contribute to this. I have long been a critic of the bad database searching in Roon.

Good luck getting Roon to display them. I reported it to the black hole months back with zero feedback.

and of course this, as soon as it’s released:

True, but you can also display the credits and click e.g. the producer’s name and get all songs in your database that they had anything to do with.

I think this is the coolest function Roon offers, as it feeds into the recommendations and radio stations. But indeed, more (and more accurate) data would only enhance that information.

Still, there is plenty of incomplete information coming from labels. And printed liner notes are always a snapshot that will never be updated, while errors in a database could be repaired. Not sure this happens in practice.

Question: isn’t there a legal obligation to the labels to provide this information accurately and in a standard way? There is the issue of paying out royalties, which in my country includes any session musicians that may have contributed.

Been working my butt off to try and get something out as soon as I can. It getting close. But I did a a couple of searches for your albums. Plastic Moon by Mandi Diaz returns only her as the main composer and main artists. I have looked everywhere else online as well and that’s all I can find anywhere. But the Iron Maiden album came back with fun credits. Don’t mind the layout of the credits, it is a little wonky. Each row represents a track on the album, and then it lists each person and their role. the way that source returns things is funny and I still need to play with it.

btw, would you be using a Mac or a PC for this app?


I would like to say thank you

  1. for the idea
  2. for first solutions

Here in the community I also see a lot of Mac and Linux, but overall solutions under Windows represent a larger user group.

Thanks for all the effort. I’m looking forward to trying this.

Ideally Linux, failing that I have a laptop with Win10 I can leverage.

Looking at this, it’d be great if one could load a directory tree, treating each subfolder with audio content as a release and then sequentially process each rather than having to type in the album and artist details?

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Yeah, so currently it is set up similar to that for everything else but in the table view. You search for an album. Click on the correct one to get album information in a new table. Click on the row with the info again and it loads the albums tracks. Click on a track to get Spotify audio analysis of the track. Eventually credits will be part of this, but it is tricky because they come from different sources depending on if the credits are available using the album upc as search criteria or if the album and artist names are used as search criteria. So this leads to multiple forks in the linear series of moving through the album as I described. But it will eventually get there after testing proves each one is reliable.

The reason I use tables instead of a tree view is so that you can save each table to .csv or sql (eventually). But there is no reason I could not have both the table views and a tree view. I’ll look into that. I like that idea. Lol, but the GUI programming is a pain in the butt and is why things move slow.

Ok questions for everyone :smiley:
The Apple Music api returns editorials/bios about the album and/or the artist. These are the same that are displayed in Apple music and iTunes Store. They are long though. So the first option is to put them in the table under the single row of album in formation. Imagine a table with one row and then a text box underneath it. The second option is to have the editorials/bios pop up in a new window. The third option is to have them pop up to the left of the album artwork in a text box, but this would resize the main window making it wider or taller or both.

This bring me to cover art. So currently the cover art that is displayed is small, but it is scaled down from larger artwork. My current idea would be that you click on the cover art that is shown and it would either download or open the largest size available in a new window, which you could then save. Or, I can have the large artwork pop up in a window when you choose the correct album from search.

ok, thanks everyone

Thanks for the clarifications and questions.

Tables are always easier to handle for metadata maintenance, even applies to Lyric and Bio

ok, thanks for the input! :grin: