Mini-i Pro 3 owners' opinions?

Same here and I’m still very happy with my purchase.
I like to keep track and see if I am missing anything down the line and occasionally I have. Not really this time though.
It’s of interest to people who are maybe thinking about it or maybe people like us who maybe want their buying decision validated :grin:

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Pardon me if this has been asked but a quick keyword search did not show anything. Any of you guys that have this using it with a PC running Linux? I would be using it primarily as a networked Roon endpoint, but the option to use it as a PC connected DAC is important as well. I am inclined to believe it should work out of the box, but the manual speaks only of the need for Windows drivers for that OS and does not address Linux at all.

Hi Patrick I think I tested it with a Pi early on, but never tried it with a PC running Windows or Mac.

I can test it if you want me to this evening or tomorrow evening after work if that is of real interest to you.
I assume you would want to test it directly from windows without Roon?

Thanks Michael. It is actually Linux interoperability I am interested in. If it worked with the Pi then I would expect that it should with a Kubuntu desktop. Thanks.

Let me dig a Pi out and test it for you just to be on the safe side, as I might have tested the Digital out.
It won’t take me long to test , hopefully this evening

Thanks Michael. Just to be clear my expectation is to use it primarily via ethernet. Since I expect to have it near my pc anyway the option to swiitch inputs to usb and use it as a usb connected dac as well would be nice.

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I have tested my mini-i Pro 3 with my iMac and Windows laptop and it works perfectly fine. I don’t have a proper “Linux” machine in here but I just tested it plugging directly into my NUC 10i7FNHN Roon ROCK Core and it was detected immediately and it shows up in my audio settings. So Kubuntu Desktop should work as well.

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Hi, the Mini-i Pro3 sounds great through Roon.
My GF however wants to listen with Spotify connect. The hardware of the MPro3 is not able to use Spotify or Tidal Connect. So I sold my MPro3 and bought 2 Bluesound Nodes, I must say it is a great piece of hardware, love it.

Cheers John

I also own a Bluesound Node (2021 version) which I have in my bedroom setup. While convenient, sound quality is not even close to my MA mini-i Pro 3. I use the Node when listening to music in my bedroom during my Rogue Echo Bike workouts :wink:

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Patrick it worked like a charm, even played DSD up to 512 (running via VitOS)
So you should have no problem running this from any computer you need based on all the feedback you have received. You just need to switch it between streaming mode and usb either using the front volume knob or the remote control
I was going to play some choice Metal for you, but thinProg Rock is very good :+1:t2:


Thank you Michael, that is good to know. Thanks for taking the time and effort to check for me!

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No problem Patrick, as soon as I saw your post I remembered that I previously wanted to try a Pi again as a streamer into the mini-i (and I have enough of them) as I remembered seeing higher DSD options, which was confirmed with this test.

But saying that the mini-i Pro 3 sounds fantastic so I saw no improvement in the 10-15 minutes I tried with the upscaling to DSD 256 and 512.
If you purchase it I think you will be happy, and if you want to feed out to an external amp then that also works well as a streaming pre-amp

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Hi Enrico, the Matrix mini has a far better sound compared to the BSN. It’s the WAF you know…
I do enjoy my Cambridge CXN v2

Cheers John

Thats the only fault that I could point as well.
So much noise with sensitive iems.

For planars is just amazing, my aeon flow never sound with that clarity.

I really nice DAC, for only 690 euros.

Really recommend

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Just to follow up Michael, just got the thing in late yesterday. Nice unit. Works just fine as a pc dac as your test indicated - thanks! Now I need another set of cans.


Patrick I went through the same process when I bought mine (maybe I should have warned you) :rofl:.
I got a pair of HifiMan Ananda’s which really do work well with it as it really loves Planar Magnetic headphones.

Have fun with it.

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I just got one of these too… US$922 from ShenzenAudio they gave me a 10% belated Black Friday/cyber Monday discount - so I couldn’t resist… local agent had no stock…shipping was free too.

@spockfish It works at full native DSD512 on the OS too which is great.

Not yet tried on ROCK/Nucleus but im guessing Windows will only work at Native with the driver installed and MAC maybe DSD256 -all of course via USBA-C cable - be sure to get a cable that supports DATA, not just a charging cable!

One grip is the diabolical wifi password keyboard interface - otherwise pretty impressed.

Screen is too small to across a room but for HP listening its adequate.

only used with 1/4" headphone out thus far, but will try XLR/RCA out at some stage.


Nice features
Nice form factor
Sounds good

Locks up periodically. Maybe once every 1-2 weeks. I have to pull the power and reboot it.

Switching between USB and Streaming is annoying. There’s no USB source on the remote so it has to be done through the multi control/volume knob.

The volume knob/control isn’t very satisfying. It’s especially laggy when trying to rapidly increase/decrease the volume. Overall, the volume knob feels cheap.

I have been very impressed with mine since I got it about 5 weeks ago.
Very simple use case here.
Ethernet in, Roon Ready streaming, XLR out to my amp.
Not even tried the headphones yet.
Been left on since first power up and no issues at all.
Remote is ok.
Only farce is the settings button being on the rear and being so small…I mean seriously that was the best they could come up with?
Ok if that is my only concern then it’s really quite superb overall.

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Not sure what’s up with your device, mine has never locked up once in the 15 months I have had it. Have you tried a factory reset followed by an update to the latest version.

Also you can go through the inputs on the remote and I’m sure that includes USB as well, though I am not at home to try that now.

Agreed on the volume knob, it’s fine but not great