Misidentification of tracks in Bartok "The Piano Concertos" with Kocsis and Fischer on Philips

The cited disk has 9 tracks. Here’s what Roon shows for them:

To see the correct information, take a look at https://www.prestoclassical.co.uk/classical/products/8109425--bartok-piano-concertos-nos-1-2-3-complete .

This CD was part of a 4-CD set, “Works for Piano Solo,” the fourth CD. I have put the files for all 4 CDs into a single directory. Since the tracks of the ripped fourth CD were shown incorrectly before, I reripped, added a tag saying Disc 4 and, finally, replaced the files in the Roon-watched directory.

I tried adding WORK and PART tags to the files in the ripped CD, and I rescanned the tracks. No luck.

Wait for an answer from some who really knows what’s going on there. But, here’s a do-over tactic that often works:

  1. Create a duplicate of your set onto, say, your desktop.
  2. In Roon, delete the entire set.
    3.In your OS, delete/remove the set’s folder. (Roon deletes track files only. This step deletes all the rest and the folder.)
  3. In Roon/Settings/Library, select Clean Up Library.
  4. With your favorite tagger, open the duplicate folder set and confirm that track and discs numbers are correctly tagged, among other things.
  5. Move your copied set back to the watch folder.

PS: while I was writing this, you posted your failed attempt at WORK and PART edits. If you’re in need of cold comfort (but no solutions), read this: Please Interpret This Metadata Potential Match

I feel your pain. Best wishes

I did this. When I copied the directories/files back to the place Roon watches, Roon created 4 albums. Everything looked correct, including the album (the concertos) that had tracks misidentified. Then I merged the 4 albums into 1: Now the tracks on the concerto directory (called Disc 4) were misidentified.

I tried a variant: I renamed the subdirectories as CD1, CD2, CD3 and CD4. This time (I went through all the deletion and cleanup first) Roon set up a single album, with 4 discs; but Disc 4’s tracks are still misidentified.

If you care to, you can upload and I’ll be happy to take a look.

And lest anyone reading this is suspicious, I’ve got all the Bartok I need.

Okay, next try. Revert Edits. Try first just selecting disk 4’s tracks, then Edit Tracks/Revert.

May not do anything, but will remove the possibility of old Roon edits messing things up.

Then, in a tagger, reinspect the tracks. Are all the WORK names for a particular composition identical? Does each track also have a PART tag? Compare file names with their titles. Are they consistent? Check track and disc numbers for out of order.

It doesn’t take much to throw things off the rails.

Where would you like the directories/files uploaded?

Here is a description of my album: https://www.allmusic.com/album/release/bartók-works-for-piano-solo-mr0002123426.

Here, by the way, is what appears to be the CD with which Roon mistakenly identifies my fourth CD: https://www.discogs.com/Béla-Bartók-Zoltán-Kocsis-Works-For-Piano/release/9991139, at least up to number of tracks/files for that fourth CD. Even more interesting is that there is an 8-CD release, https://www.deccaclassics.com/en/cat/4756720 , whose first 3 CDs corresponds to my set and whose fourth CD corresponds to my CD4, up to the number of tracks I have. I must guess that Roon thinks that this is 8-CD set is what I have; put differently, Roon appears to be mapping the 8-CD set to what I’ve given it.

How’s about dropbox public folder. Then right click it, get its’ link and post it here. thanks.

Do you perchance have access to OneDrive (Microsoft)? I already have an account there.

No sorry. I have a mac. Dropbox is free.

Hey @James_Antognini,

Would you mind sharing the album that’s experiencing this behavior with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me PM containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.


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What’s “PM”? Private e-mail? How do I use it? (I have a DropBox link set up.)

Is it the message capability through the flag icon at the lower right of a post?

Setting the album’s Metadata Preference for Multi-Part Composition Group to Prefer File fixed the problem!

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“Private Message” - click on the intended recipient’s avatar icon and then click the message button. If you want to compose a message first, and then choose recipients, then click on your own avatar icon (top right of the Forum screen), and then the envelop icon to access your private messages.