Moving to ROCK - can't restore an 1154 backup to an 1148 ROCK


I’m exploring moving my core from docker container on Synology to ROCK on a NUC. I’d like to restore from a current backup.

My Synology core is on build 1154. My ROCK is on build 1148. When I look for backups on my ROCK, I see the Synology backups but only up to build 1148. I know there are 1154 backups there because I’ve manually forced them and I can see them when exploring backups using the Synology core.

I’m guessing this is because Roon doesn’t support restoring backups from later versions than what’s running (or at least won’t support it in this case). Is this correct? If so, is there some way to get my ROCK to 1154? I tried a “Reinstall” from the ROCK web UX. It completely successfully but didn’t update the core version.

Anything I can do here?

ROCK should normally update when you start the Roon Remote on your PC etc. and connect it to the new ROCK. The Reinstall on the web UX only reinstalls the operating system, not the whole ROCK and in particular not the RoonServer, which is what you want to move to 1054.

See here (I have earlyaccess versions, but the principle is the same)

Or, if the ROCK is empty, you can reinstall from scratch from a USB drive, of course

Right. I know how updates work :slight_smile:

1154 was a hotfix release to address a QNAP + Linn issue. It didn’t go out to all platforms and, based on what I’m seeing, didn’t go out to ROCK.

Your screenshot helped, though…it illustrated that ROC on early access is currently on 1155. I bet if I go to EA, and 1155, I’ll be able to restore from an 1154 backup. I think I’ll give that a shot.

Well, that wasn’t entirely clear by you trying to update ROCK from the Web interface :wink:

It didn’t go to all platforms, correct, but it did go out to all Linux-based and RoonOS platforms according to this, which includes ROCK:

I can’t check though, because of the 1155 on mine

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I moved my ROCK install to EA. Didn’t realize I’d need to update a client app to use it but apparently you do. Installed the iOS EA version. So I was on build 1155 on ROCK and 1155 on iOS. Attempting to restore, I only see backups up to 1148. I backed out of EA on both platforms.

My ROCK is definitely not picking that build up:

Looks like the latest ROCK download is 254 which means it hasn’t been updated since Nov 9 and will have core 1148.

There’s no rush here for me. If there’s no way to do this right now, I’ll do it after the next release converges across platforms.

The OS build, 254, and the Roon (Server) build 1148 are independent. The OS updates only very rarely, the 254 one was to enable UEFI booting:

And this was the earlyaccess 1155 announcement (I hope you can see the link) - clearly this went out to my ROCK, and it is equivalent to production 1154, so I don’t know why your ROCK wouldn’t receive 1154:

I don’t know why but I’m also not convinced that everyone else’s ROCK did.

Of course I’m also just theorizing about why I can’t restore 1154 builds to an 1148 instance. My assumption about a versioning issue may be incorrect.

My ROCK never got 1154, I’m on production.

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Yeah, I thought easiest to update the ROCK, but apparently not! Unfortunately I don’t know about the backup versioning, but FWIW I don’t find it unreasonable to think that an older version might not be able to restore a backup from a newer version. Definitely this happens when a new Roon version updates the database to a new format, but I don’t know if there is a general filter that does not allow it.

I don’t know if that’s expected. Like I wrote, the 1154 announcement said it was for Linux-based and RoonOS platforms, which ROCK clearly is. And (being in earlyrelease) my ROCK got the 1155 earlyrelease, which is exactly the same thing, the fix for the QNAP/Linn issue.

@support, should ROCKs in the production channel get the build 1154 update or not?

For reference, my nucleus+ on the production branch also stayed on 1148, indicating no further updates.


I downloaded a fresh copy of the NUC install image and did a clean install on my NUC. That fresh install got me OS 254 and core build 1148.

I wonder if this not pushing 1154 was intentional or an oversight. Release notes indicated it would get pushed to all Linux variants.

Possibly the latter, I hope support answers my above question. I think with all the changes there might have been some issues. E.g., earlyaccess users should have received RoonOS build 254 from production instead of 253 from earlyrelease but it didn’t happen for everyone. There’s also another thread where it seems that some people who were using production may have received 1155 earlyaccess to the core without asking for it.

Same here, my Rock is still on 1148.

I suspect, that after finding a memory leak in release 1154 it was pulled by Roon, so devices that haven’t updated yet from 1148 don’t get the update until the problem has been fixed.

See: Massive memory leak after updating to Build 1154 on Ubuntu Server [Investigating]

Ah, that’s a good point, certainly a possibility

Interesting. I hadn’t seen that thread. Thanks for the reference!