Multiple DSP Profiles per Zone

Currently, a zone only supports one set of DSP settings. I would like the ability to create multiple DSP profiles per zone.

If there is only one profile created for the zone it is the Default profile and would have an associated Default Profile tag associated with it. If a second profile is created it could be renamed to whatever a person chooses. And so on…

The profile tags associated with DSP profiles are mutually exclusive when assigned to albums and tracks.
If no DSP profile tag is assigned, then the Default Profile will be used for DSP settings for the zone that is playing. If a DSP profile tag is assigned, then the Named Profile DSP settings will be used for the zone that is playing. If the DSP profile tag is assigned to a track it will override a DSP profile tag assigned to the album.

Two things I would like to accomplish:
1. Disable crossfeed settings for binaural recordings
I posted in another feature request about using tags to accomplish this: Setting Headphone Crossfeed
However, having a distinct DSP profile for my headphone zone would also allow #2 to be done.
2. Change DSP settings for some Internet Radio stations.
This requires the ability to tag Internet Radio stations.

Based on the above, I would have at least 3 DSP profiles:
Default Profile:

  • Parametric EQ
  • Crossfade

Binaural Profile:

  • Parametric EQ

Internet Radio:

  • Parametric EQ

The last one could possibly be split up into mono and stereo DSP profiles.

I’d like to second this feature request.

I have a DAC/Headphone Amp connected to an end point which I use with multiple sets of headphones.

One of those pairs of headphones are Audeze which I use with the Audeze DSP.

Instead of disabling the DSP when I use a different set of cans it would be helpful if could I set up another zone for the same endpoint with no DSP applied?

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