Music files on Nas vs USB drive performance impact

Hi, my Roon Core is running on a NUC with an i5 (7th gen), 16 GB ram and Ubuntu. The Roon library files are on the local SSD of the NUC, while my actual music files are on an Ethernet connected NAS with spinning disks (no ssd caching). My library is around 8000 tracks

What is the actual performance impact of such a setup, and specifically would improve by moving my music files to an external drive on the NUC?

i would expect that since the library files and indexes are all local, the user experience and Remote performance would be unaffected by the location of the music files, and the only impact would be the time for the initial scan, or detection of new music.

Well, your expectations seem to coincide with my experience.
I have my NAS on the far end of a limited bandwidth Wireless bridge, and as far as i can tell the analysis and initial scan are the operations that suffer slightly.
However, your library is reasonably sized (at least for now) and you will most likely not see any major gain in performance by moving to local external storage. Internal storage, such as SATA disks still seem the most quick.

I think so. Generally speaking, it is better to have the music local to the Roon Core. I would use an external USB drive and then have a backup on the NAS.

There are many threads on the forums over the years discussing which is better. Here is one to get you started:


What does “performance” mean in the question?

Sound quality? No difference.
Responsiveness of user interface? No difference.
Speed of audio analysis? NAS is likely slower, but this is a one-time thing.

(I keep my files in the Nucleus for reasons of reliability, fewer boxes in the chain is a good thing, the NAS is backup only.)

Thanks all for your comments.

My main concern is what areas would actually make a difference in day to day use (after initial scan) 1 user responsiveness, playback SQ, playback quirks etc. I understand the one time cost of initial analysis, but I’ve already paid that price when I set things up. So going forward, what is the real benefit to consider the change?

I’ve read through some of the threads including the one @Rugby linked to above, and I see lots of general statements that don’t make sense to me considering the library/indexes are local. Some examples
“Everything improved”,
“UI is more responsive”,
“Searches are faster”
“SQ improved”

Is there some dependency on the underlying music files for any of these operations?

No (10 chars)


Thanks for confirming.

I’m currently having lots of roon server restarts. Couldn’t understand what was going on. Tried more RAM, CPU, etc.

Still testing, but initial thoughts would be that the problem lies with music beeing on NAS instead of on USB, etc directly connected to ROCK. Will keep you updated but trying music from UBS and has been working rather steadily for past hours.

I’m now “lowering” to a slower ROCK see if it still works over the weekend.

Thanks everyone for the ideas! I was sure it might be a name thing as I kept on getting “updating files/music” constantly without changing anything, but seems that the problema might be derived form the share.

MENTAL NOTE: Try afterwards with share instead of \ServerName with \IPAdress, see if it gives less problems.

Thanks to all the community for the help.

Roon Rocks my world literraly and lately has been giving me more headaches than anything else (Shoutout to Plexamp that works not as “cool” but flawlessly)

I always suggest music should be local to the core, and the NAS used as a backup copy.


yep! Seems to be working fine. Not perfect with 2 usb drives, but with one, all the problems see to have dissapared. It seems to be very dependant on the size of the library and after a certain amount, if the files are “remote”, it starts giving (many) problems.

Question: On a RoonRock, I can see all the advantages of using an external USB drive (failure, beeing able to use the USB dirve without problems). Is there anyway to use an internal drive like this? I’m worried the possible problems the internal drive can give if i decide to upgrade the NUC. Thanks in advance!


You can use an internal drive with a ROCK NUC, the RoonOS will want to reformat whatever drive you put in, so don’t use one which has any data you want to keep. And, the format ROCK uses, ext4, is not directly compatible to either MacOS or Windows, so it would be a pain to move a ROCK internal drive to a different OS. Also, you would have to ask, I’ve never tried moving a drive from one ROCK system to another. It might want to reformat it.

And, finally, you should not make Roon database backups to internal drives. So you will still need an external drive or a network share to make those backups

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8000 tracks…I think you could fit that easily on a external SSD drive. (Just assuming U don’t have 8000 DSD files with a crazy file size)

jejjee, no one said that my library was 8000 tracks, that was the original post :sweat_smile:

Just wanted to post my findings, and even though the core hast restarted I was putting it under a LOT of strain, so the problem seems so be found :slight_smile:

Another lesson learned for other roonies, I found that having a switch between the server and NAS made the RoonServer reboot much more often so it seems to be a problem of “speed” to the files that roon doens’t seem to appreciate.

Will be trying this week a internal drive see if I can read it afterwards if I connect it to a USB. etc.

Still “under investigation”. NAS seems to be working fine and then stops working after some time. I’ve analysed what I change and can only think that I “accept” the ropieee extension as to be able to see artwork and control the music from an endpoint.
To be clear, everything seems to be fine with @spockfish #ropieee All works well, music streams fine, etc.

I’m starting to think that when I enable the extension, maybe this can be causing problems on ther server side (Roon Core).

Could this be possible? Or is the information only flowing in one direction. It doesn’t seem so otherwise you wouldn’t be able to skip songs, etc.

So I guess my main question would be, can an extension affect Roon Core’s performance

seems that the new build that came out today has fixed “everything”.

Trying to stress the system, playing directly from NAS, USB Sound directly from ROCK and UPSAMPLING DSD MAX and server hasn’t restarted all morning.

This seems to be great news!!

Will carry on trying a few more days before enabiling any “extensions”

Thanks #roon !!!