Music Hoarder at 68

Yep, this has been discussed before in various other threads which are quite interesting reads actually. I am on a phone currently so forum searching is a bit of a pain, but, when I get the chance I’ll come back and add the links later.

There will always be streaming music services available. There is no reason to own music (or movies).

Uh oh… what do I do with my 60TB media server now? :slight_smile:

I now have this mental picture of a young kid in the late 1950s: doing his paper routes and every little job he could get his hands on, saving every dime and penny so on Saturday he could rush to the record store and spent every last cent on the music he loved! It became his true passion and for some 60 years he kept up the habit, averaging 4 full albums every week. :astonished:

The medium changed, the music changed, but the kid kept going. Fantastic. :notes: :+1:

It may not have happened exactly that way but, Neil, you made my day regardless. Thanks. (Keep hoarding and enjoying the music)


Unless something like this happens…

No idea, but this post in a thread about very large libraries could be relevant, in case you are really worried. I imagine it could all be different if a large proportion of the library is from Qobuz / Tidal.

I use Roon Radio, and add a lot of what I hear to my library. If it’s in my library, and I get a hankering to listen to it, it’s a lot easier for me, at least the way my brain works.

Plus all images (cover, artists, etc) downloaded are retained after removal of albums. Seems there needs to be a clean up routine that prunes them. Images are by far the largest ‘element’ of the database. The database only grows and never shrinks.

Unfortunately, this is by design (or oversight)

I beg to differ. Internet connections may go down and at other times could be sporadic. Hence the need to have local copies of media.

You can disagree, that’s fine. I would never pay for CD’s or downloads just in case my internet goes out. That’s crazy. I have better things to do with my money than that. There is no NEED to have local copies of media.

Yeah, I was going to say something about that as well but decided not to confuse the waters.

Believe it or not, a stable and fast connection to the net does not occur all around the world. Some people in some parts of the world cannot stream - so they need local media to enjoy.

Another thought, just one day, some nasty group of people or weather event may take down the communications systems in your part of the world. Good to have local media then so you can comfortably ride out the storm.

You and I have totally different views of needs and wants. I enjoy listening to music, and I am a musician. However, I don’t NEED music. I need food, clothing, a place to live, and security for mine and my wife’s future. Listening to music is a luxury I enjoy. I will not pay for CD’s or downloads.

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Good point. That’s why I decided to use streaming services only for exploration. As soon as I like an album, I purchase the download (within the margins of a monthly budget). Often enough I have seen the Unavailable tag when I wanted to listen to a particular album.

Buying music has got other advantages as well, at least for me. The committment to a particular artist or album is stronger than it would be by just clicking a heart button. Furthermore I hope that more money goes to the artist (but I could easily be wrong here).

I too use the services as a bookmark system of sorts for things I want to purchase. when I do, I remove the streaming version from the library and then add in the local version. It has saved me from making some questionable impulse purchases, i.e. I find something that I’m immediately “Ohhh, I want that” only to finding after a couple of listens the shine has quickly faded.


However what is somewhat legal is downloading files from file sharing sites (Rapidshare, Turbobit, Mega, etc.). The illegal part is sharing or uploading between computers. Basically the ability of digital files to be copied and distributed one to many without loses has completely upended most copyright laws and the ability to successfully enforce them.

And music file sharing is just the tip of the iceberg, the real big problem is the sharing of movies and TV shows. There’s file sharing plus illegal streaming. Truly one big gigantic mess.

Maybe you’ve not heard the saying "Man makes plans, God laughs :innocent: ", Neil. Not that I wish you an early demise, especially with all that music queued up.

I’m just like you.
but doesnt the way Roon “shuttles” drive you nuts?
The way it treats random albums as a "composition " (or something like that) and shuffles all the tracks within that album?
non sensical

That does bother me some, but not a lot. It seems to happen mostly with classical albums for me.

Guess we are stuck with it but for the life of me I have no idea why having it do this would even occur to anyone