My Roon stereo setup

(shlomo reichani) #1

My set on the photo is completely connected to both my sources which are Cary Audio DAC DMS-500
and my reference DMC-600SE . I must admit that the Roon software not only makes it so informative and open endless music sources from all around using the Roon+Tidal which is a stellar combination.
The Roon simply improve the sound in so many ways and all I can say is B R A V O !
My huge stereo setup needed Roon in order to fully enjoy listen to so much geners of music in a superb
quality and clarity… I Love Roon …
this is my set up which include the Rex 2 By B.A.T both the PreAmp and the MonoBlocks …
I am using all cables by Purist Audio The Dominus new Line in all connections .
Here is a photo of my stereo with a remote Roon install on Samsung Tab… My core Music (133000 tracks)
is based on an IMac as main storage… All I miss in Roon excellent software is a Theather View option…
This will make it PERFECT… Just imagine that presentation of all the information Roon provide in a slick show during the playback… GO AHEAD ROON AND MAKE OUR DAY !!!
Enjoy the music all guys.


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